A Visit from Cees Slings and a Lesson in White Asparagus

Monday, June 29, 2009

While in Belgium, Cees Slings the famous composer and creator of Musical Freestyles (Anky Van Grunsven’s Athens Olympic Gold medal ride) came to visit Astrid to show us his new computer program, which is designed to assist in the judging technicalities for the Dressage Freestyles to music. I will never watch a musical freestyle the same way again. Cees had just returned from Blainville where he made the presentation which we saw to the judge’s panel there. He was excited and encouraged by the positive response of this effort which has taken him over three years and any effort of many colleagues to create. You will soon be reading more in detail about this technology on eurodressage.com.

That evening Astrid and Raf went out, JJ and I happily stayed in. I cooked a dinner of fresh white asparagus and vegetables with pasta. Cees was packing up his computer for the drive home as I began dinner, and saved my meal by explaining white asparagus has to be peeled before cooking! Who knew, not me. So here I was in Raf and Astrid’s country kitchen with the Dressage world’s most famous composer of musical freestyles showing me how to peel asparagus.