The View From C

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cindy Sydnor

An “R” rated judge, Cindy also spends a good deal of time viewing the dressage world from the letter “C”.  She has seen many changes in the sport over the years, and finds that lately dressage has been becoming increasingly diverse as far as the types of horses involved.

In addition to recognized USEF/USDF shows, she sometimes judges the dressage division at Morgan, Arab, and 4-H shows.

“I love doing this,” she says. “I am glad to see the ‘word spreading’, so to speak.  I know that Tennessee Walker riders and even Saddlebred riders are becoming increasingly interested in dressage, and I welcome this.  I have a student who owns Icelandic horses that trot, tolt, and walk and canter.  I was somewhat skeptical at first but am no longer.  They are fabulous little horses with big hearts and good brains and bodies.”