Victory for Inna Logutenkova in Horse Box Austria World Dressage Masters Grand Prix Special

Tuesday, March 11, 2014
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Inna Logutenkova and Don Gregorius
Inna Logutenkova and Don Gregorius
Inna Logutenkova simply had an amazing ride today in the Special which offered € 20,000 in prizemoney. The test was smooth, full of energy, power and expression. The test of Inna and Don Gregorius, undoubtly a top prospect for the future, was one of the highlights of today’s competitions. With a more open frame they could easily improve their score. The combination showed ability and excellent basic qualities and were rewarded with 72.294 per cent. Inna lives in Belgium (Malle) and is trained by Sjef Janssen.French supporters saw their favourite Arnaud Serre show a super controlled test with his only nine-year-old Robinson de Lafont. They performed some very nice canter exersises and, although Robinson is not the biggest mover, he was totally focused on his rider. They scored 70.627 for their ride.

Austria’s Karin Kosak had a much better day than yesterday. Lucy’s Day is a lovely horse to watch, he is dynamic and he showed a lot of energy and collection, especially in the passage. The horse has a nice charisma and collection is one of his big talents. The test, which received a score of 68.078, was fluid and nicely performed and made things look real easy.

Fourth placed Mads Hendeliowitz (SWE) put a lot of power into his test with Weihenstephaner while his trainer Patrik Kittel was watching. He took a lot of risks which sometimes lead to some mistakes and irregularity. The combination scored 67.902 per cent. Mads was born in Denmark but became a Swedish citizen in 2010.

Fifth place went also to Sweden. Charlotte Haid Bondergaard had a consistent ride with the experienced Triviant which resulted in a score of 67.176. The test sometimes lacked some power but it was ridden very secure and fluid.

Results Horse Box Austria Grand Prix Special
1. Inna Logutenkova / UKR / Don Gregorius  72.294 € 5000
2. Arnaud Serre / FRA / Robinson de Lafont  70.627 € 4000
3. Karin Kosak / AUT / Lucy’s Day  68.078 € 3000
4. Mads Hendeliowitz / SWE / Weihenstephaner  67.902 € 2000
5. Charlotte Haid Bondergaard / SWE / Triviant 2  67.176 € 1400
6. Marina Aframeeva / RUS / Vosk  66.490 € 1000
7. Cecilia Andren Dorselius / SWE / Lennox  66.176 € 800
8. Grete Barake / EST / Talent  65.235 € 700
9. Françoise Hologne-Joux / BEL / Wodan 64.941 € 600
10. Micol Rustignoli / ITA / Fixdesign Corallo Nero  64.863 € 500
11. Ester Soldi / ITA / Harmonia  64.098 € 500
12. Anne Sophie Serre / FRA / Loutano  62.902 € 500