Victory for Azerbaijan in the Prize of the Soers

Friday, August 21, 2015
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Jamal Rahimov(AZE) aboard Excenel V

Peter Weinberg from the ALRV board congratulates Jamal Rahimov(AZE) aboard Excenel V (Photo: Aachen 2015/ Michael Strauch)

Aachen (GER)- Jamal Rahimov from Azerbaijan won the Prize of the Soers, an international penalties/time jumping competition in the scope of the FEI European Championships Aachen 2015. Rahimov crossed the finish line clear in a time of 63.14 seconds with his eleven-year-old Belgian stallion, Excenel V. Second place went to Omer Karaevli from Turkey. Karaevli also jumped clear with Dadjak ter Puttenen, who is also Belgian-bred. However, the pair took almost one second longer than the winner to complete the course. The Italian rider, Daniele Augusto da Rios came third with the stallion, Baedeker.

28 riders competed in total, twelve of whom reached the finish line without picking up any faults. The 27-year-old winner, Rahimov, is the only rider competing here at the show in Aachen for Azerbaijan. He has already represented his country at Olympic Games twice. Up until now, things hadn't run too smoothly here in Aachen for the show-jumper, who lives near Antwerp, which was all the more reason for his joy at the victory in the Prize of the Soers. His goal: "I would like to make the equestrian sport more well-known in Azerbaijan!" After his victory in Aachen, he may have come a step closer to this aim.

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