Victoria Max-Theurer Defends Title at the The 21st Manfred Swarovski Memorial Tournament CDI4* 2015

Sunday, June 28, 2015
Posted by Daniel Winkler

Victoria Max-Theurer and Augustin OLD (© Fotos von Maximilian Schreiner)
Victoria Max-Theurer and Augustin OLD (© Fotos von Maximilian Schreiner)

Victoria May-Theurer and her exceptional stallion Augustin OLD impressed thousands of spectators and the jury with their Music Freestyle at Schindlhof scoring an incredible 80.825 percent!. The 29-year-old from Upper Austria defended her title with fantastic scores in the Grand Prix and the Freestyle and left a world-class field of starters led by Isabell Werth (GER) with El Sant
o NRW (78.75 %) behind. 75.8 percent in the Grand Prix on Saturday after 30 2 days of tournament break since the World Equestrian Games - according to Victoria Max-Theurer “the handbrake was still on“ in her appearance with Augustin OLD in this event. She let go of it on Sunday in the Freestyle to Italian melodies and promptly broke through the 80-percent-barrier.

This led to the convincing victory in the Freestyle and once again to the overall triumph with 156,625 points (ahead of Dorothee Schneider, who gained 148.107 points in the Grand Prix and the Grand Prix Special and who received a special award for being the most successful rider with several horses in the tournament).
"I am extremely happy about these results considering the strong field of starters including Isabell Werth and Dorothee Schneider, "said the 12-time Austrian champion, who thanked the hosts, her team and the spectators in the arena during the award ceremony. "I want to especially thank all those involved in organizing this perfect tournament days, weeks and months in advance. When Evelyn and Klaus call, then they all like to come. It’s no surprise that so many enthusiastic people are here. It is a lot of fun to ride in front of such an audience."

6,000 Enthusiastic Guests Thrilled to Jean-Francois Pignon
The show program with Jean-Francois Pignon and his free-running horses excited an estimated 6,000 visitors on Sunday around the arena of Schindlhof. Among the guests were the president of the Austrian Ski Association, Peter Schröcksnadel, former slalom ace Marlies Schild, Olympic champion Toni Innauer and many more.
Famous Hat Jury with Marlies Schild
In the break between the Special and the Freestyle Mirjam Weichselbraun moderated the popular audience competitions "Who is wearing the most beautiful hat?" and the special award “Dog owners (f/m) with hat." The jury was prominent: former slalom ace Marlies Schild (with baby belly), Elisabeth Max-Theurer, Marie Swarovski and host Evelyn Haim-Swarovski. The winners were Verena Trentini from Innsbruck and Leonie Schmiderer from Tulfes. They received honorary prizes by Swarovski Optik, the distillery Rochelt and by Stillsegler.

Successful Charity at Schindhof
Auctioneer Elisabeth Max-Theurer herself acquired the painting donated by horse painter Klaus Philipp: 10,000 euros that in addition to many other donations and the total of the entrance fees will be given to the initiative Therapeutic Riding and Vaulting and Riding for People with Disabilities and to the Tyrolean Animal Welfare. Her daughter Victoria Max-Theurer donated 5,500 euros, the total prize money of this successful weekend. 

Five Olympic Champions and Bayern Star Thomas Müller

Jean-Francois Pignon (© Fotos von Maximilian Schreiner)
Jean-Francois Pignon (© Fotos von Maximilian Schreiner)

Hundreds of guests enjoyed their Saturday night at Schindlhof in the riding hall at the concert of star soprano Eva Lind and the Swarovski Band Wattens and the subsequent gala dinner in the pavilion. Dancing Star and entertainer Gregor Glanz performed a great show for famous guests, among them Olympic champion Olga Pall (1968 Downhill), Elisabeth Max-Theurer (1980 Dressage), Leonhard Stock (1980 Downhill), Isabell Werth (5 x Dressage 1992 Team, 1996 Individual and Team, 2000 Team, 2008 Team) and Carl Hester (2012 Dressage Team). Spotted swinging along Flo’s Jazz Casino featuring Yvonne Stefanie Moriel: soccer superstar Thomas Müller and his wife Lisa, who would love to ride in the arena in Fritzens for Germany next year. “This year I was here as a spectator to learn from the best.“

21st Manfred Swarovski Memorial Tournament Concours de Dressage International, CDI4*
Competition 7 – Grand Prix Freestyle
Honorary award by D. Swarovski KG and honorary gift by Brennerei Rochelt

1. Victoria Max-Theurer (AUT), Augustin OLD - 80.825 percent
2. Isabell Werth (GER), El Santo NRW - 78.75
3. Michael Eilberg (GBR), Marakov - 77.225
4. Dorothee Schneider (GER), Kaiserkult TSF - 75.3 
5. Birgit Wientzek Pläge (SUI), For Compliment - 73.825
6. Veronique Henschen (LUX), Fontalero - 72.2 
7. Stefanie Weihermüller (GER), Fantomas - 71.8
8. Elena Sidneva (RUS), Romeo-Star - 69.825
9. Karen Pavicic (CAN), Don Daiquiri - 68.8
10. Ester Soldi (ITA), Harmonia - 67.25
11. Jennifer Hoffmann (USA), XXXL Rubinio NRW - 66.65
12. Timna Zach (AUT), Quantico - 65.83
13. Amanda Hartung (AUT), Wolkenritter - 65.63
14. Evelyn Haim-Swarovski (AUT), Dorina - 64.48
15. Tatiana Miloserdova (RUS), Awakening - 61.8

Winner List Manfred Swarovski Trophy
1995 Bianca Kasselmann, GER
1996 Austrian Championships Dressage - no CDI 
1997 Bianca Kasselmann, GER
1998 Christilot Boylen, CAN
1999 Markus Gribbe, GER
2000 Thorsten Dietz, GER
2001 Günther Seidel, USA
2002 Austrian Championships Dressage - no CDI
2003 Anja Plönzke, GER
2004 Rafael Soto Andrade, ESP
2005 Silvia Iklé, SUI
2006 Victoria Max-Theurer, AUT
2007 Victoria Max-Theurer, AUT
2008 no overall winner, Music Freestyle had to be canceled due to bad weather
2009 Austrian Championships Dressage - no CDI
2010 Ulla Salzgeber, GER
2011 Carl Hester, GBR
2012 Carl Hester, GBR
2013 Valentina Truppa, ITA
2014 Victoria Max-Theurer, AUT
2015 Victoria Max-Theurer, AUT with Augustin OLD

The Manfred Swarovski Trophy is given to the most successful pair of the CDI4* Schindlhof (the percentages of the GP and GP Special respectively of the GP and GP Freestyle are added together; the highest score of the Special Tour respectively the Freestyle Tour wins). The winner is allowed to take home this valuable Swarovski crystal piece for a year. After winning three times the winner is allowed to keep the trophy for good. Last year, Austria’s 12-time state champion Victoria Max-Theurer achieved this.