Verden Connections - Summer Hanoverian Auction Set to Take Place July 16

Saturday, June 18, 2016
Posted by Hannoveraner Verband e.V.



Verden - Mid of July, the event venue in Verden comes up with two highlights. The Verden Auction will be held on July 16, presenting 98 riding horses and 57 foals. The national Hanoverian Championships HA.LT will be held at the same time on the premises of the Hannoveraner Verband at the Niedersachsenhalle.
The Hannoveraner Verband already hosted 34 international championships in the past: Since 1983 German and European Championships as well as Federal Championships and Professional Rider Championships. Verden has become approved and accepted venue of top-class horse shows, latest since the World Breeding Dressage Championships were held the first time in 1997. Breeding and sports go together well, and now the Verden Organizing Committee presents another new event concept on the occasion of the Verden Auction on July 16. Different competitions at different levels on the show grounds on the one hand, on the other hand high-quality youngsters and potential competition horses of tomorrow in the auction arena.
This new attractive range of different events opens up to new dimensions for visitors to choose their favourite option. The auction collection includes 98 riding horses and 57 foals. Among the 68 dressage and 30 show jumping horses are riding horses with the potential for both disciplines that also display valuable properties for pleasure riding purposes. “Quality and rideability” - this is how Auction Manager Jörg-Wilhelm Wegener described the composition of the collection, and he is particularly pleased about the huge offer. The auction training will start on July 4, finally culminating in the auction on July 16. The first contests of the sports event HA.LT will start on July 13 with the finals being held on July 17.
The riding horses of the collection will occupy their stalls in the Niedersachsenhalle on July 4. Following some days to settle in and initial training, the first presentation will follow on Saturday, July 9 as of 10.00 am. The dressage and pleasure horses will then be shown in the dressage arena and the jumpers in the show jumping course.
The foals will be presented on Saturday July 16, as of 10.30 am in the Niedersachsenhalle and put up for auction after the auction of riding horse as of 6.30 pm.  
The Verden July Auction will start on Saturday, July 16, as of 3.00 pm. For more information, please click on: wwww.hannoveraner.com