Verden Auction – a Brand for Success!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016
Posted by Malte Kanz for the Hannoveraner Verband


Hannoveraner Verband, Verden Auction

Customers from all over the world come to Verden to benefit from the selection of horses and the service the Hannoveraner Team provides before, during and after the auction. (Photo: Ernst)

Isabell Werth does it, Dorothee Schneider does it, and Kathleen Raine also does it. So does Debbie Mc Donald. They all ride Hanoverians they discovered on the Verden Auction. The most remarkable successes of Dressage icon Debbie Mc Donald’s career were accompanied by Hanoverian mare Brentina by Brentano/Lungau. And Brentina originally came from Verden. In the US Team Brentina was a given number in World Equestrian Games as well as in the Olympics.

Success horse Breanna of Kathleen Raine does not only have the same stallion as father, but also the same place of origin. Breanna was also a discovery at the Auction in Verden. That was in 2004. Then Breanna was 4 years old. Today she is one of the most remarkable dressage horses in the USA. Discovered in Verden – successful all over the world!

But what exactly is standing behind the brand “Verdener Auktion (VA)“? How does an auction work? And how can one buy an Auction Horse?

The concept of the Verden Auctions is very simple and addresses all those who plan on buying a horse. Every two month there is an auction held in the “Ridertown” Verden. Riding horses, foals, broodmares, licensed and unlicensed stallions are auctioned off. The Hannoveraner Verband is hosting these auctions. Essentially, the Hannoveraner Verband is a conjunction of breeders. Through the auctions, Hanoverian breeding products are sold and thereby change their owner. The auction place in Verden thus saves the buyer the tiring and time consuming commute from one barn to another. In Verden the choice is on hand.

Can every horse be an Auction horse?

Every horse is thoroughly evaluated, tested and vetted before it is finally accepted to become an Auction Horse. (Photo: Lafrentz)

The requirements for a Verden Auction Horse are high. A selection committee choses from around 500 horses that are presented to them. The choice is strict, the quality requirements self-evident. Thereby horses are selected for every riding discipline from dressage over jumping and leisure to eventing.

In January, March, May, July, October and December Sport Horse Auctions are held. Around 100 horses across disciplines are offered in each. On average the horses are three to five years old. The collections are put together to provide a horse for every taste. Horse health is written in bold in Verden. All riding horses are vetted and have recent x-rays. The results of every horse’s health examination can be viewed directly at the vet’s office or online. One month before each auction the horses are published online and in a well arranged Auction Catalogue including pictures, videos and a text description.

How is the time flow of the Verden Auction?
14 days before the actual auction the horses are brought to Verden. Then the training cycle starts and the auction horses are trained publicly and presented on a daily basis by the riders of the Hannoveraner Verband. During this time interested parties and customers are invited to take a seat in the Niedersachsenhalle and watch the horses in their training groups. Time to have the young horses presented in a way similar to the Young Horse Classes on shows. Time to receive additional information about the horses from the customer advisors of the Hannoveraner Verband. Our customer advisors will help you find the right horse for your needs.

After the presentation prospective buyers have the possibility to test ride their candidates of choice. Accompanied and assisted by customer advisors and the Verden Auction Riders, the customers take a seat in the saddle of their favorite horse. After the test ride the next station is the visit of the veterinary office where x-rays and examination records are readily available. The x-rays of all horses are also available online.

The Day of the Auction

Hannoveraner verband, Verden Auction

Tension and excitement in the Niedersachsenhalle while auctioneer Frederik de Backer is taking the customer bids... (Photo: Ernst)

Then the day of the actual auction arrives. The auction forms the highlight of every auction period. It takes place in the Niedersachsenhalle which provides room for more than 2,500 visitors. Seating tickets should be ordered online prior to the visit (ticket@hannoveraner.com) to ensure perfect intervisibility with the auctioneer.

Even though one should not miss out on the option to experience an auction first hand, we also offer the service to bid via phone. All you need to do is to send us the filled out bidding order via email. Our employees will call you as soon as your horse of choice enters the auction ring.

Hannoveraner verband, Verden Auction

...turning into great joy when the hammer fell and the new owner got the horse. (Photo: Ernst)

At 3pm the auction starts. The horses enter in the order of their start numbers. Number 1 begins. There is a sparkle in the air when the fanfare sounds and the first horse enters the arena. The tension is written on the faces of the spectators: Their views change between the auctioneer, the bidding parties and the horse that unperturbedly trots around the Niedersachsenhalle, unknowing it just forms the center of a captivating spectacle. And then: The hammer falls! The horse is sold, the new owners are cheering, the audience provides appreciatory applause. Scenes like these take place almost every month in Verden. Every auction has its own dynamic, every auction is different, but the principles are the same.

After the award, exhibitor and buyer meet at the horse’s stable. Riders and grooms are happy to help with procurance and communication.

After the Auction

The service around the horse is being provided by the team of the Hannoveraner Verband until the horse is picked up. The horses remain in the same process of training and care. The training consists of many relaxing parts – long and deep is the principle. The auction office can help to organize the transport to the new home and riders and grooms will assist to make the transition for the horse as smooth as possible.

Furthermore the buyer has the possibility to leave the horse in Verden with the professional and experienced team of the Hannoveraner Verband for further training and education. Showing inclusive.

The Way to Verden
...is very easy. Thanks to the good cooperation with the airline “Lufthansa“, prospective customers who arrive via plane receive beneficial rates. Furthermore the offer of the “Service Package” could potentially be an interesting option in which we organize your five day trip including hotel reservations and transport.

The Advantages are on Hand
All in all the Verden Auction is a great possibility for everyone looking for a horse. Every other month attractive collections are put together, providing the perfect fit for every class, purse and riding discipline. Dressage, jumping, eventing and leisure riders receive talented and loyal partners. Not to forget are the Hunters that are especially liked by our American customers. The Hunter Champion Carlson, successful with Alliy Moyer, was also discovered in Verden.

Hannoveraner verband, Verden Auction

Auction rider Victoria Jade Harding with Royal Classic (Royal Highness/Florestan) during the auction. (Photo: Ernst)

Selected for the market and objectively offered to the customer – that is the credo. 60 years ago – 1949 – the auctions were brought to life by visionary Hans Joachim Köhler to support the breeders with the marketing of their horses. This is the purpose the auctions still accomplish today. And of course the objective is to pair the right horse with the right rider or breeder. To make the wishes of the customers come true, that is the mission of the employees of the Hannoveraner Verband, that is their daily motivation.

The system that was developed in the past is still standing. For sure with changes and improvements, but the fundament remains the same: conscientious selection of the auction candidates, high standards for quality, ride-ability, interior, health, and an appropriate training period locally in Verden before the horse is auctioned off distinguish the auction place Verden – and stand for an internationally first class perception.