Van Den Brande Dressage Stable in Wellington, Florida, Offers Sales and Training

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Werner Van Den Brande - Dressage Rider, Trainer, and Coach

Werner van den Brande operates Van Den Brande Dressage Stable at IDA Farm in Wellington, Florida. The first-class facility is situated on 15 acres and is equipped with 62 stalls. The expansive facility accommodates Werner’s multi-faceted equestrian business, which includes sales, training, and dressage instruction.

Werner’s reputation as a successful rider, trainer, and dealer in horse sales is evident in his dynamic history. He opened his first barn in 1998 in his native Belgium. In 2003, with the support of a sponsor, he opened his first sales barn – a 12-stall facility where he had eight horses for sale year round and also trained four client-owned horses. He traveled internationally to find quality horses. After two years, Werner outgrew that facility and with the support of two sponsors, he built a brand new stable to accommodate 25 horses year round. For the next two years, Werner consistently had 18 horses and seven foals for sale. His staff included two grooms and two working students. In 2006, Werner moved his operation to his current facility in Wellington, Florida. He operates Van Den Brande Dressage Stable in one of the most renowned centers of equestrian sport in the world.

Currently, Werner travels the U.S. and Europe primarily during the summer when he is not competing, always on the lookout for the next superstar. ‘‘If I find something I like, I’ll take it,’’ he says. In his view, good horses come in all breeds. Werner always has a ready supply of quality mounts for sale at Van Den Brande Dressage Stable.

Werner also offers his expertise to locate the perfect horse for a client. ‘‘I always have some nice horses available at my stable, but sometimes the best horse for a client isn’t in the barn so I’ll search out the correct horse to match with that client,’’ Werner explains. ‘‘What’s important is doing what’s best for the client. It depends mostly on how the client rides.’’

In addition to horse sales, Werner also takes in client horses for training at all levels. “Most of the time when people bring a horse to me for training, it’s because they can’t ride the horse,” Werner explains. “It may be that it is a complicated horse and there is something that is stopping the progress. They call me to work with the horse and solve the problem.”

Werner devotes a good chunk of his schedule to teaching his students. He offers his boarders lessons from beginner through Grand Prix. He also offers non-boarders the opportunity to trailer in for the day for a lesson.

“My techniques have proven to increase the quality of performance for horses and riders,” Werner avers. “I integrate classical dressage and today’s techniques with common sense. In this way, the rider learns to think independently.”

Werner’s methods also provide positive and supportive help that benefit both the horse and rider. “I strive to create a relaxing, fun, and safe environment to maximize the rider’s enjoyment of the riding experience,” Werner affirms.

Werner’s clientele enjoys many amenities provided at his facility including a covered regulation dressage arena with mirrors, two additional outdoor dressage rings with mirrors, a jumper ring, lunging arenas, acres of grass riding area as well as residential riding trails, washer and dryer, eight tack rooms, and six wash racks. The horses receive quality care including an automatic fly spray system, fans, and plenty of turnouts. Van Den Brande Dressage Stable also provides qualified grooms and horse show transport.

With 62 stalls at his discretion, Werner is always ready to welcome more horses and students.

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