USPRE Hosts the 2010 PRE-Show Party At the Wellington Classic CDI

Tuesday, February 2, 2010
Posted by bossmare


On Thursday evening, February 11, following the Jog, the United States PRE Association (USPRE) is hosting a dinner and PRE festival for the entire show grounds under the lights in the covered arena. From 6 to 8 pm, USPRE invites one and all to come and meet the PRE Community, browse the display tables, watch a number of fine examples of the breed perform in the arena, and share in a Spanish dinner prepared by Chef Frederic Boyer.  Admission and Dinner are free. Come see the many performances planned for the evening, featuring the 2009 All Breed’s Champions, Exhibition rider/trainer Tom Reed, Olympians Courtney Dye and Lendon Gray, professionals and amateurs with their PRE horses including Leslie De Groote, Jeffrey Lord, Janne Rumbough, Lily Zilo, Judith Streisand,  Ana Gilmour, Maria Lithander and more.


The PRE-Show Party is planned in conjunction with USPRE’s 2010 Annual Meeting, which will be held on Thursday afternoon. Members and VIPs are traveling in for the event from around the country and the world, including officers and Directors of ANCCE—the official PRE Breed organization of Spain—as well as the Board of Directors of USPRE.  American breeders of the PRE Horse will host displays of information about the breed and their farms for visitors to see and take with them that evening. Come, join the PRE-Show Party and find out what all the passion is about!

The Work of USPRE
USPRE is a non-profit organization manned by volunteers that is dedicated to the support of US Breeders of PRE Horses and the promotion of the PRE horse to the equestrian community, in particular for Dressage.  USPRE is the official representative organization for the PRE Studbook, controlled and managed by ANCCE in Sevilla, Spain.

Throughout the year, USPRE assists the registration of PRE stock in the Studbook and organizes revision (approval) tours by Spanish veterinarians and inspectors on behalf of the Spanish Studbook. The Studbook for the PRE Horse is now part of the World Breeding Federation of Sport Horses, and its popularity is ever growing. The United States is second only to Spain in the numbers and quality of PRE horses. The criteria for obtaining Qualified Breeding Status for stallions and mares are extremely high, and the United States boasts over 25 stallions and mares with this distinction. For PRE Breeders in the United States, the registration papers and approvals from Spain are seals of excellence for their bloodstock. While the majority of American Breeders of PRE Horses breed for the morphology circuit, there is a growing interest in Dressage and demand for the standards required by Dressage riders and trainers. In addition to registration services, USPRE provides many sources of education to breeders about Dressage and the unique talents that are innate to the PRE Horse for this sport.

Additionally, USPRE recognizes that there is a growing population of PRE riders across the country. A number of programs are designed to encourage the training and competition of PRE horses at USDF shows. In addition to the All Breeds program, USPRE sponsors a series of High Point Challenges at a number high-profile shows throughout the year, starting with three during the Wellington Season. (For more information, see the USPRE website www.usprea.com.) Also, USPRE sponsors a number of Sport Horse Breed classes at USDF shows, culminating in the PRE breed class at Devon inaugurated in 2009.
USPRE is also very pleased to introduce the El Caballo Magazine to the American and English-speaking market. This high-quality publication contains articles, interviews, historical research, reporting on morphology and dressage competitions from around the world, and regular updates from the various international breed organizations.

For the 2010 Season, USPRE is proud to be a Silver Sponsor of the Wellington Classic Show Series. The PRE-Show Party is our invitation to the Wellington Dressage community to come and see what it is that we are all about, and celebrate the beauty and athleticism of the PRE Horse!

For more information, contact USPRE at 561-420-3147 or see www.usprea.com.