USPRE Announces the Winners of the First Copa USPRE and Selects Dressage Team for 2015

Wednesday, November 12, 2014
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The United States PRE Association (USPRE) is pleased to announce the winners of the inaugural Copa USPRE, and the USPRE Dressage Team for 2015. The Copa USPRE is a national Breeder’s Cup Dressage Championship for the FEI levels, similar to the successful Copa ANCCE in Spain. Riders and horses are ranked nationally at the FEI 5 and 6 Year Old levels, Para, Small Tour and Large Tour once they have met certain minimum requirements. Champions and Reserve Champions are determined by an average of scores earned at rated national and/or international shows and receive automatic invitations to participate in the Copa ANCCE Finals at SICAB in Spain. Additionally, the roster of Champions and Reserves make up the USPRE Dressage Team for the coming year, during which each pair will receive a sponsorship from USPRE.

In this first year, over 40 pairs from around the country signed letters of declaration to compete for the Copa USPRE, and the winners posted competitive scores at their respective levels. USPRE is proud to promote the American riders and PREs who are representing our breed at these high levels in open competition. We congratulate each for their success this past year.

Alison Brock and Os-Nervi - winners of the Grand Prix COPA
Alison Brock and Os-Nervi - winners of the Grand Prix COPA

Big Tour - Grand Prix
1.  Champion: Os-Nervi -  Allison Brock/Claudine Kundrun  70.58  
2.  Reserve: Junior - Janne Rumbough/Janne Rumbough 65.88   
Small Tour - PSG/I-I
1. Champion: Police - Stacey Hastings/Coves Darden Farm 67.99
2. Reserve: Malcarat - Jacqueline Cuddy/Jacqueline Cuddy 67.3
3. Reserve: Fetichin - Nicole Harrington/Pamela Nelson 66.72
1. Champion: Fiero HGF - Nicholas Fyffe/Nicholas Fyffe 70.7  

1. Champion: Aragon GAF - Felicitas von Neumann-Cosel/Cynthia Roberts 74.5
2. Reserve: Brioso HGF - Andrea Landis/Andrea Landis 69.7
Para Equestrian
1. Champion: Kamiakin - Susan Treabess/Katie Hill 71.07 CHAMPION

Susan Treabess and Kamiakin won the Para Dressage COPA (Photo: SusanJStickle.com)
Susan Treabess and Kamiakin won the Para Dressage COPA (Photo: SusanJStickle.com)

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