USET Paving Way For U.S. Vaulters at World Equestrian Games

Monday, April 1, 2002

Gladstone, New Jersey –April 1, 2002–The United States Equestrian Team’s (USET) preparations for sending squads to compete in World Championships in seven disciplines at the 2002 World Equestrian Games (WEG) in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain includes unprecedented efforts on behalf of U.S. vaulters.

In January, Adrienne Stang and Emma Drinker of the American Vaulting Association (AVA) took part in a USET fact-finding trip to Jerez to prepare for this year’s Games. Stang and Drinker worked closely with Sally Ike, the USET’s Director of Vaulting Activities, and joined the Team’s discipline directors of Dressage, Driving, Endurance, Eventing, Reining and Show Jumping in touring the venues and surrounding areas of the upcoming World Equestrian Games. This was the first time vaulting representatives have ever had the opportunity to visit a World Equestrian Games venue beforehand, meet with the Organizing Committee, and be proactive about planning for hotels, travel, etc.

“The vaulting community is excited about the support the USET is giving to our sport,” said J. Ashton Moore, American Vaulting Association Co-Founder and Technical Advisor and USET Vice President of Vaulting. “Not only will our athletes attend the Games better prepared than ever before, but they will do so with a tremendous feeling of unity based on being part of a genuine “team” comprising athletes from all seven USET international disciplines.”

As is the case with all its disciplines, the USET has established a vaulting committee to serve as a liaison to the vaulting community and to participate in developing procedures related to international competition.

Members of the USET Vaulting Committee for 2002 are: J. Ashton Moore, Chairman; Adrienne Stang, Vice Chairman; Linda Bibbler; Emma Drinker; Priscilla B. Faulker; Deborah P. Harrison, DVM; Christine Traurig; Jan Weber; George Williams; and Sydney Frankel, Owner Representative.

Sally Ike, who has served as the USET Director of Show Jumping Activities since 1989, has been named as the USET Director of Vaulting Activities to go along with her Show Jumping duties. Ike, a past Chairman of the American Horse Shows Association (AHSA) Vaulting Committee, has an extensive background in equestrian sports having been an alternate member of the 1968 Olympic Three-Day Event squad as well as having successfully competed in the Hunter, Jumper and Dressage Divisions. She is also an AHSA Judge and Technical Delegate for Eventing, a Jumper Judge and an FEI Steward for Show Jumping and Eventing.

“The USET is busy coordinating preparations for the World Equestrian Games,” she said. “Our job is to take care of all the details so that our athletes can focus on turning in medal-winning performances. We are very excited about the prospects of our vaulters bringing home medals from this year’s Games.”

The USET is in the midst of a fundraising drive designed to ensure that U.S. squads in all seven FEI disciplines will have sufficient funding to compete at the World Equestrian Games without distraction.

Donations can be earmarked specifically for vaulting, or for any discipline, and will be used only for the specific discipline and not for any administrative or other non-athlete related expenses. To direct contributions in this way, vaulting supporters should be sure to write: 2002 Vaulting Program on their checks and send them to USET, Pottersville Road, Gladstone, NJ 07934.

The support of the American equestrian community is the surest way to help athletes in vaulting and all the World Equestrian Games disciplines turn in medal-winning performances!