USEF World Championship Driver Clinic At Big Sky Farm

Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 30, 2011 - Next week we will welcome the Joint American Driving Society Young Drivers Camp and USEF World Championship Driver Clinic to Big Sky Farm. This is a cooperative effort that provides unique access to the best training for our youngsters and World Championship hopefuls.
Young and seasoned drivers come together to train under the world class coach Peter Tischer, long-listed drivers will mentor youngsters throughout the camp. The opportunity for both is extraordinary. Over the years our collaboration has developed as an important model for the training of our World Championship hopefuls while encouraging the young drivers who are essential to the future of our sport.

Training Grants and scholarships are available to offset the costs of travel and attendance and the services of a world class clinician. The easy availability of quality training is essential to the growth and success of our driving sport. The costs of providing and taking advantage of opportunities like this are significant. They are only possible through the generosity of patrons of driving.

On Friday July 8 at 6:30, a barbecue will be hosted at Big Sky Farm to benefit ongoing Young Driver programs and help the World Championship Pony and Pair Horse Drivers overcome the deficit encountered representing the United States in Europe. They worked very hard to qualify committing significant time and resources in the pursuit of excellence.  In return these drivers give substantial support to our young driver and other programs sharing their time and talent to encourage the promising members of the current and next generation.

We hope you will help us to encourage the participation of youth in our sport and recognize the achievement of those who are dedicating so much to driving. We would take pleasure in your attendance on July 8, if you are unable to attend your contribution will be very much appreciated it is important to the success of our World Championship Drivers and the the development of the next generation.

Come to the Party!
Friday July 8, 2011 at 6:30 p.m.
Big Sky Farm  Tremont Place, Southern Pines, NC

Young Driver Camps are taking place throughout the US. They are bringing new and talented drivers to our sport. The US Equestrian Federation does a great deal to develop and send World Championship Driving Teams to International Competition, but each year  those selected to represent the United States face a deficit.

Your attendance and donation will help create more opportunities for our youth and will help send deserving drivers to represent the United States . Please join us for a friendly gathering in support of your sport.

Unable to attend? Your contribution is important to your Driving Sport.

Please make Checks payable to:
Big Sky Farm Driving Fund
Mail To: Big Sky Farm, P.O. Box 346, Southern Pines, NC 28388
Further Information: 484-832-4365