USEF Decision to No Longer Recognize the American Driving Society as the USEF Affiliate for the Driving

Friday, January 20, 2017
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A Letter from the USEF to the American Driving Society Board of Directors

As you know, the United States Equestrian Federation Board of Directors scheduled a review of the status of a Recognized Affiliate Agreement between the USEF and The American Driving Society. The Board of Directors conducted a thorough review in executive session, which included a report from the mediators that we both agreed to utilize when we met during the USEF Annual Meeting in January 2016, to facilitate the discussions between the two organizations.

Following a presentation of the information, the Board of Directors held a robust discussion on the current status of the draft agreement. This included a historical review of the work of ADS to its responsibilities as a USEF Recognized Affiliate and the specifics of the draft agreement.

After considerable work with the ADS to reach an agreement whereby the ADS fulfills its Recognized Affiliate responsibilities to the sport of Driving, the draft agreement continues to include requests for substantive exceptions that the USEF cannot accommodate.

At this time, and after much consideration, the USEF informs you that the ADS will no longer be recognized by USEF as the Affiliate for the Driving discipline. This change in recognition is effective immediately and all ADS appointed representatives to the USEF Councils, Committees, and Task Forces will immediately be removed from those positions.
Please make certain that effective immediately, the ADS refrains from publicizing any reference to being a USEF Recognized Affiliate.

We had hoped that over the course of the past year, the discussions would have proven to be successful and regret that our two organizations were unable to come to an agreement regarding our respective roles in the National Governing Body and Recognized Affiliate relationship.
(end of letter)

It has been reported that the ADS has had a 40 year Affiliate relationship with the USEF, and will be hopefully be sharing their reaction to this recent development in the near future.