USEF Celebrates 15-Year Collaboration with Kentucky Equine Research

Saturday, September 26, 2015



Lexington, KY - The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) is pleased to announce its continued collaboration with Kentucky Equine Research (KER) as the Official Equine Nutritionist of the USEF.

Since 2000, KER has been a valuable partner to the USEF in coordinating the nutritional program for high-performance horses as they travel to international competitions, including five Olympic Games and four FEI World Equestrian Games. The personnel at KER realize the importance of quality and consistency in the feed and management of these top competitors.

The logistical task of delivering feed to international competition sites is complex. KER assesses the location and environment of each competition venue before recommending diets suitable for U.S. horses. The experts at KER then manage the export shipping logistics in order to ensure that feed as well as forage, supplements, and bedding arrive at the appointed destination ahead of the horses. While on site at international competitions, KER personnel provide support services for the duration of the event.

"With feed manufacturing partners around the world and in-house equine nutrition expertise, KER is uniquely suited to manage the feeding programs of the greatest equine athletes competing at the pinnacle of their careers," said Dr. Joe Pagan, KER founder and president. "This service is just one way KER leads in the field of equine nutrition."

As U.S. equestrian athletes prepare for the 2016 Olympic Games, the USEF recognizes the critical role of KER as the official nutrition consultant for the Olympic Games. In this capacity, KER collaborates with Olympic Games organizers and National Federations to procure the best feeds, forages, and beddings. "KER is an essential and highly valued partner to the U.S. Equestrian Teams and the USEF's High Performance Programs," said Will Connell, USEF Director of Sport. "KER shares our goal of maximizing support to the riders and their management teams. KER provides essential support not only in the field of nutrition advice and research, but also in helping ensure our horses continue to receive the diet they require when they travel."

The USEF is working closely with KER in preparation for Rio de Janeiro, according to Connell, and will also rely on the company's advice and support in Lima in 2019 and Tokyo in 2020.

"Nutrition is a cornerstone of performance, and KER has the expertise to support our programs and our riders," Connell commented.

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