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Monday, November 21, 2011
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Lexington, KY  - The United States Dressage Federation (USDF) is pleased to congratulate all of the winners of the 2011 GMO Awards, which will be presented during the Board of Governor’s General Assembly at the 2011 Adequan/USDF National Convention and Symposium, presented by SmartPak, in San Diego, CA.  These awards are given annually to recognize outstanding achievement within USDF’s GMO community. Recognition is given in the following categories: GMO newsletter and website layout and design, first person experience articles, and general interest articles. USDF also recognizes outstanding volunteers at the regional level along with the recipient of the Ruth Arvanette Memorial Fund grant.
And the Winners Are:GMO Newsletter Awards - Layout/Design:
GMOs with less than 75 members
First Place: Brazos Association for Classical Horsemanship, BACH Notes, March and April 2011
Honorable Mention: Dakota Dressage & Eventing, Sport Horse News, December 2010 and March 2011
GMOs with 75 to 174 members
First Place: Southern Eventing and Dressage Association, Off Course, January/February 2011 and July/August 2011
Honorable Mention: Lehigh Valley Dressage Association, Lehigh Valley Dressage Association Newsletter, May 2011
GMOs with 175 to 499 members
First Place: NEW Dressage Association, Forward, February and May 2011
Honorable Mention: Houston Dressage Society, Collective Remarks, April and June 2011
GMOs with 500 or more members:First Place: New England Dressage Association, A Tip of the Hat, September 2010 and August 2011
Honorable Mention: Potomac Valley Dressage Association, PVDA Newsletter, August 2011
First Person Experience Article                  
First Place: NEW Dressage Association, Forward, June 2011: Cynthia Collins Clinic Report by Vanessa Blake                                                                   Honorable Mention: Dakota Dressage & Eventing, Sport Horse News, April 2011: Your Riding Diary by Joann Messersmith
General Interest/Informational Article
First Place: Eastern States Dressage & Combined Training Association, Collective Remarks, May 2011: Smile! Your Horse’s Teeth Need Attention by Christina Wilson, DVM                                                                       
Honorable Mention: Ozark Dressage Society, The Centerline, February 2011: Wear Your Helmet by Stephanie and Brenda Bradshaw
GMO Web Site Awards
GMOs with less than 75 members
First Place: Columbia Dressage & Combined Training Association (
Honorable Mention: Dakota Dressage & Eventing (
GMOs with 75 to 174 members
First Place: Southern Eventing & Dressage Association (
Honorable Mention: Kentucky Dressage Association (
GMOs with 175 to 499 members
First Place: Central Vermont Dressage Association (
Honorable Mention: Northern Ohio Dressage Association (
GMOs with 500 or more members
First Place: California Dressage Society (
Honorable Mention: Oregon Dressage Society (
Regional GMO Volunteers of the Year
Region 1: No Nominations
Region 2: Kathryn Felice (Mayslick, KY – Kentucky Dressage Association)
Region 3: Fran Summerlin Histed (Steele, AL – Birmingham Dressage & Combined Training Association)
Region 4: Elizabeth Hussey (Rocheport, MO – Columbia Dressage & Combined Training Association)
Region 5: Sharon Soos (Elizabeth, CO – Rocky Mountain Dressage Society)
Region 6: Norma Talburt (Roseburg, OR - Oregon Dressage Society)
Region 7: Michele Vaughn (Elk Grove, CA – California Dressage Society)
Region 8: Deborah Borra (Caledonia, NY – Western New York Dressage Association)
Region 9: Anne Kuhns (Owasso, OK – Oklahoma Dressage Society)
Ruth Arvanette Memorial Fund Grant
Viva Medina (Haiku, HI – Hawaii State Dressage Society)

USDF Group Member Organizations (GMOs) are affiliate clubs of USDF.  Each GMO submits all of its members, along with dues for each, to USDF on a roster.  Those members then become USDF Group Members.  As Group Members, individuals receive the following benefits:
Access to e-TRAK, USDF’s online learning center for dressage and equine education
USDF Connection – USDF’s members-only magazine
Discount at
Discount at
Discount on FEI TV subscription
Discount on online FarmVet orders
Eligibility to compete at USEF-licensed/USDF-recognized competitions
Eligibility to participate in rider award programs
Eligibility to earn USDF University Program credit
Member-discount rates at USDF events
The USDF Group Membership year is December 1 through November 30.

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