USA Para Reining: Fred Win Undefeated at the 2019 All American Quarter Horse Congress

Wednesday, October 16, 2019
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Columbus, OH - Fred Win, once again, dominated the 2019 Dechra USEF/USA Para Reining National Championships, winning Grade 5 and overall high point score of 217 to earn his fourth consecutive title. Cementing his partnership with his mare, Friday Night Sailing, aka Stella, over the past year, Win boosted his score up three points from last year.

Asked about his recipe for success, Fred replies, “I first marinate by suppling my horse, next I do the low fire simmer. This is over a six month process. At show time, I start to pressure cook to make her well done.” Staying with the food analogy, Fred says he likes Stella feeling crispy on the outside and melty on the inside.

Photo - Dechra Veterinary Products proudly sponsors the USEF/USA Reining’s Para Reining National Championship. (Shane Rux)

It’s all about maintaining consistency with ability to game up at show time. Fred credits his trainer, newly minted million dollar rider, Dean Brown, for his wisdom allowing Win to be independent yet disciplined.

“I also must thank Bob and Arlene Santagata for their thoughtful gift making very special adaptable spurs that boost my confidence in show arena.”

Para reining has been the entry point for Fred to build a solid foundation to compete this year very successfully as a Non Pro and to express his creative side performing in freestyles.

Fred Win
Photo - Dechra Veterinary Products proudly sponsors the USEF/USA Reining’s Para Reining National Championship. (Shane Rux)

Fred Win is a great example of how far a dedicated para athlete can go. His dramatic, polished ride at the 2019 Congress wowed the crowd and won Non Pro freestyle while posting the second highest score in the open class.

Also, repeating their win in Grade 4 and Reserve Champion title was Holly Jacobson on her gelding Shiney Juice with a score of 211. “It’s both an honor and a challenge to show at Congress,” she says, noting this show is where she was seduced by Juice two years ago and without intending to, bought a reiner.

Coming from a dressage and hunter background, Holly finds reining, especially with one arm, to be intriguing and a more practical fit. “Thanks to my trainer, Tom Hoyt, for always being willing to experiment with my reins or stall doors I can get open or ways to cue my horse.”

She hopes para reining creates more awareness and bridges. “There’s such positive energy, humor and motivation that comes along with para sports. Horses make so many things possible, but the people in reining are especially generous too,” she says.

“It’s fantastic to have so many sponsors step up to recognize and support para reining.”

Cole Jacobs placed second in Grade 4 and took third place honors overall, bumping up from last year with a 209 score, riding his gelding Pinstripe Benz.

Newcomer Bobbi Ann Burk rode WF Chics N Guns owned by Nicole Petranchuk to second place in Grade 5. This was her first time competing at Congress. She embraced reining after being diagnosed with MS.

“I was in the process of having my young horse broke out to be my new dressage horse by Tom Hoyt. However, I was having balance issues and I thought that maybe riding in a saddle with a horn might be a good thing and here I am today.”

Riding Coded 86, Tate Wynn, age 15, became the pioneer rider in the new USA Para Reining Grade 6, a full pattern division for riders with cognitive impairments.
“First of all, I would like everyone to know that reining is so much fun!” Tate writes. “I know it’s probably more difficult if someone has a disability and it takes longer to achieve your goals. But if you love horses and work hard, the sky is the limit.”

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