USA Comes Out Strong in First CDIO-U25 Nations Cup Competition

Wednesday, March 22, 2017
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Anna Buffni and Sundayboy

Anna Buffni and Sundayboy (Photo: ©SusanJStickle)

Wellington, FL -The final week of the 2017 Adequan® Global Dressage Festival (AGDF) in Wellington, FL, kicked off on Wednesday, March 22, with the first FEI Nations Cup CDIO-U25, presented by Diamante Farms, side-by-side with the Stillpoint Farm FEI Nations Cup™ CDIO 3*, at Equestrian Village at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center (PBIEC) in Wellington, FL. The final week of AGDF competition runs from March 22-25, 2017, and features the Stillpoint Farm FEI Nations Cup™ CDIO 3* as well as the FEI Nations Cup CDIO-U25, and the last "Friday Night Stars" FEI Grand Prix Freestyle of the season.

It was a red, white, and blue victory today as the USA "A" Team bested the competition in the FEI Intermediaire II 16-25* CDIO, which determined the team medals for the FEI Nations Cup CDIO-U25, presented by Diamante Farms. The team consisted of 22-year-old Anna Buffini (USA) on her Sundayboy, a 1999 KWPN gelding (Kennedy x Eezelma x Zevenaar), who earned a score of 70.500%; 24-year-old Sean Sierra Keasler (USA) and Lux Stensvang, a 2002 Danish Warmblood gelding (Lobster x Verona Stensvang x Diamond) owned by Keasler, who earned 67.263%; and 20-year-old Kerrigan Gluch (USA) with HGF Brio, a 2005 Andalusian stallion, owned by Hampton Green Farm, who rode to a 62.158%. Debbie McDonald served as Chef d'Equipe.

Kerrigan Gluch and HGF Brio

Kerrigan Gluch and HGF Brio (Photo: ©SusanJStickle)

"One of the main reasons why I came to Wellington was to do the Nations Cup," said Buffini. "My dad always says, 'A goal is a dream with a deadline,' and we set this goal to come here and we achieved our dream today. You can't just count on yourself. They're counting on me, I'm counting on them, and it's a different experience. It's preparing us for the future, and when we are open riders competing on other teams, we can take this experience with us."

Buffini had the second highest score of the day, riding in just behind Juan Matute Guimon of Spain, who rode Don Diego Ymas to a score of 71.026%.

Keasler commented on what she has experienced thus far at her first ever CDIO-U25 Nations Cup, "This is my first team event, and much like Anna said, as soon as I heard that there was going to be a U25 Nations Cup, it was a goal I set. It's so nice to be surrounded by people that have the same goals, and such a positive team atmosphere is amazing. I'm extremely thankful for this, and I believe that more people should set goals to be on a team situation. It's fun being supportive of other riders. I'm happy that I achieved this goal and that I'm here with these amazing girls!"

Gluch noted, "This is my second team experience. I was lucky enough to be able to compete as a team rider when we did the Nations Cup in Hagan. It's amazing to have people your own age supporting you, riding with you, which is really good in the dressage world. It's really cool to be on a team where you have the same goals and aspirations."

The USA "B" Team rode to second place with 24-year-old Kaitlin Blythe (USA) and Don Principe, a 1999 Hanoverian stallion (Donnerhall x SPS Papagena x Rince Thatch XX) owned by Maryanna Haymon, who scored 68.026%; 21-year-old Molly Paris (USA) and her own Countess, a 2002 Danish Warmblood mare (Don x Compeed x Solos Carex), with a score of 66.237%; and 22-year-old Genay Vaughn (USA) with Donarweiss GGF, a 2001 Hanoverian stallion (De Niro x SPS Highlight x Hohenstein) owned by Starr Vaughn Equestrian, Inc., who scored 66.289%. The team was directed by Chef d'Equipe George Williams.

Sean Sierra Keasler and Lux Stensvang

Sean Sierra Keasler and Lux Stensvang (Photo: ©SusanJStickle)

Said Blythe of her first CDIO-U25 Nations Cup experience, "I feel so fortunate to be here on a horse that I've only been riding for a short amount of time. It was a bit of a stretched goal for us to make this team, and I'm so lucky that we were able to make that happen. It's such a wonderful experience to be surrounded by people with similar goals and that are going through similar things. I think that U25 is a great way to close the gap between Young Riders and the Grand Prix."

The team for Canada came in third and consisted of 21-year-old Tanya Strasser Shostak (CAN) and Action Tyme, a 2000 Oldenburg gelding (Aktuell x Ann Lady af Hvarre x Aleksander) owned by Evi Strasser, with a score of 64.579%, and 25-year-old Mathilde Blais-Tetreault riding Utah, a 2001 KWPN gelding (Jazz x Kolinda x Landwind II B) owned by Tetreault. The pair earned a score of 67.500%. The Canadian team was supported by Chef d'Equipe Liz Steacie.

Tetreault commented on the dynamic of the Canadian team, "I did Young riders with Tanya, so it has been fun to do the U25 together years later. It was overall a very great experience, and I'm glad I did it. I had a lot of fun."

Terri Kane spoke on behalf of sponsor Diamante Farms, "I was very excited when I saw this event on the agenda to go along with the Nations Cup," said Kane. "When I was asked to be a sponsor I was honored, because this is the future of our sport. These team competitions are so important to prepare these young riders for the next step."

AGDF Director of Sport Thomas Bauer commented, "I would like to thank George Williams for bringing up the idea to me last year. I jumped on board immediately because I thought the time was right. Having a class of nine Under 25 riders our first year is really a very good start. I'm very positive that it will grow in the coming years."

USA Team A, USA Team B, and Team Canada pose together atop the podium after receiving their medals in the inaugural FEI Under 25 Nations Cup CDIO 3* presented by Diamante Farms at the Adequan® Global Dressage Festival (AGDF).

USA Team A, USA Team B, and Team Canada pose together atop the podium after receiving their medals in the inaugural FEI Under 25 Nations Cup CDIO 3* presented by Diamante Farms at the Adequan® Global Dressage Festival (AGDF). (Photo: ©SusanJStickle)

The Senior teams competing in the Stillpoint Farm FEI Nations Cup™ consist of Canada, USA, and Spain. Individuals competing include riders from Australia and Guatemala. Riders can represent their countries in Grand Prix as well as in the Small Tour.

Competition at AGDF will continue tomorrow witha full schedule of classes and includes the FEI Grand Prix CDIO-U25, presented by Diamante Farms, and the FEI Grand Prix Special CDIO 3*, presented by Stillpoint Farm, after which the Nations Cup Team medals will be decided. For more information and to see a full list of results, please visit

Final Results: FEI Intermediaire II 16-25* CDIO U25, presented by Diamante Farms
Place, Rider, Nationality, Horse, Horse Information: Judge E%, Judge H%, Judge C%, Judge M%, Judge B%, Total %

1. USA Team A: 137.763
Anna Buffini (USA), Sundayboy, 1999 KWPN gelding by Kennedy x Eezelma, owned by Anna Buffini: 71.184%, 67.763%, 73.026%, 70.263%, 70.263%, 70.500%
Sean Sierra Keasler (USA), Lux Stensvang, 2002 KWPN gelding by Lobster x Verona Stensvang x Diamond, owned by Sean Sierra Keasler: 66.184%, 67.237%, 67.895%, 66.316%, 68.684%, 67.263%
Kerrigan Gluch (USA), HGF Brio, 2005 PRE stallion, owned by Hampton Green Farm: 61.184%, 63.421%, 60.526%, 59.737%, 65.921%, 62.158%

2. USA Team B: 134.315
Kaitlin Blythe (USA), Don Principe, 1999 Hanoverian stallion by Donnerhall x SPS Papagena x Prince Thatch xx, owned by Maryanna Haymon: 69.079%, 68.553%, 66.974%, 67.368%, 68.158%, 68.026%
Genay Vaughn (USA), Donarweiss GGF, 2001 Hanoverian stallion by Deniro x Sps Highlight x Hohenstein, owned by Starr Vaughn Equestrian Inc: 65.526%, 65.789%, 64.737%, 66.711%, 68.684%, 66.289%
Molly Paris (USA), Countess, 2002 Danish Warmblood mare by Don x Compeed x Solos, owned by Molly Paris: 66.316%, 65.921%, 65.921%, 67.368%, 65.658%, 66.237%

3. Team Canada: 132.079
Mathilde Blais Tetreault (CAN), 2001 KWPN gelding by Jazz, owned by Mathilde Blais Tetreault: 68.026%, 67.632%, 67.237%, 67.500%, 67.105%, 67.500%
Tanya Strasser-Shostak (CAN), Action Tyme, 2000 Oldenburg gelding by Aktuell x Ann Lady af Hvarre x Aleksander, owned by Evi Strasser: 64.737%, 62.763%, 66.053%, 65.132%, 64.211%, 64.579%

Individual Rider:
Juan Matute Guimon (ESP), Don Diego Ymas, 2003 Hanoverian gelding by Don Frederico x Wie Platine x Wolkenstein II, owned by Juan F Matute: 71.711%, 70.263%, 70.921%, 71.053%, 71.184%, 71.026%