US Team Bronze Medalist Kasey Perry Glass and Dublet Back in the USA and Giving Thanks

Thursday, September 8, 2016
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Dublet on vacation in Idaho

Dublet on vacation in Idaho

After arriving on American soil, Dressage Olympian, US Team Bronze Medalist Kasey Perry Glass and Dublet made it safely to Idaho! "Now it's time for full vacation mode for him! I can't tell you enough how proud, honored and blessed I feel to have Dublet. We have been through so much together and I can't be more proud of him! I will continue to make his health and happiness my number priority!"

And now it is time for giving thanks.  

Rio was amazing and the journey to get there was even better! So many people played a part in supporting that journey this summer! I will do my best to name the key people on this journey but it would be impossible to nname everyone who has supported us.

Robert Dover, Debbie McDonald, Holly Gorman and Diane Glass after Kasey's ride in the "Kiss and Cry" zone

Robert Dover, Debbie McDonald, Holly Gorman and Diane Glass after Kasey's ride in the "Kiss and Cry" zone. Photo: Shannon Brinkman

My Parents, Diane and Robert Perry, and Grandparents, Jim and Joyce Teel. None of this would be possible without you guys. You have been the backbone of this journey! Your support has been what has pushed me through the hard times and shined with me through brilliant times. I can't thank you enough for always being there for me and making this journey possible.

Debbie McDonald you have taken on this goal, passion and dream of mine with dedication and commitment. Your wisdom and knowledge has guided me through this last year and made it possible for us! Your sacrifice and encouragement got me to where I am today! I can't thank you enough for standing by me and working so hard to get us here! I am beyond grateful for everything you do! I can't wait to see what is next for us!

Dana and Kasey Perry Glass

Dana and Kasey Perry Glass

My wonderful husband and best friend, Dana Glass! What a way to spend our first year of marriage! It's been a roller coaster but I would never have anyone else ride it with me! You have stuck by me and supported me through this journey. I love you with all my heart!

My beautiful, strong and dedicated sister, Holly Gorman! You really made this last year special for me. Not only did you love and care for Dublet, but you also were my rock. You have pushed me to be better, think positive and never give up. (I'm tearing up writing this lol) Thank you for being my best friend, nanny, personal trainer, therapist and groom! You didn't let down once! Love you!
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It takes a village to get to where we are today. Everyone involved played a huge part on Dublet's health and happiness.

US Dressage Team Olympic Bronze 2016 - Ali Brock, Laura Graves, Kasey Perry Glass, and Steffen Peters.

US Dressage Team Olympic Bronze 2016 - Ali Brock, Laura Graves, Kasey Perry Glass, and Steffen Peters

My Teammates, Ali Brock, Steffen Peters, Laura Graves, and Shelly Francis! Man what a year! We have all gone through our ups and downs! What means the most to me is to see a team that lifts each teammate up through any situation! You each have a special place in my heart and I couldn't have asked to be on a better team! We have gained life long friends! Thank you for the Bronze!!

Robert Dover,  thank you for the support you have given to this team and teams before us. You've worked so hard to make your vision and goal a reality! Thank you for all your help and support!

Jace Abatti for keeping his feet perfect throughout this last year! Kenny Bark for doing such a great job in Rio!

Dr. Mitchell for always keeping Dublet feeling his best and watching over him! Tom Meyers for giving him the best body care around!

Andy Thomas you kept me on my feet in Rio!!!!! Thank you for helping me through all my physical challenges!

Hallye Griffin for being the best "momma duck"! You kept us all in a line and moving in the right direction! Your job is INTENSE and you do such an amazing job! We couldn't do it without you and that beautiful smile! Thank you everyone at USEF and USET, Will Connell, Leah Oliveto, Christy Baxter,  for making this year possible! Everything was set up and ready for us and the horses when we arrived in Rio! That was a hard job!!

The amazing grooms, Kerri Coufal, Eddie Garcia, Alex, Carlos, and Rebecca Waite. You all did amazing jobs on keeping each horse and rider happy and focused! Thank you for all you do! Kathleen McMannis for taking time out of your life to come help for a few weeks in Europe! You did a great job and I love you!! Sara Smith for dedicating your life to shows the last couple years!

Raley & Amanda for making the haul to Rio! It was so refreshing to see you guys; especially at the OLYMPICS! To all my family and supporters! Your support and encouragement has meant so much to me! Eventually I will be able to thank each of you individually!  

Rob van Puijenbroek and Tommie Visser for opening up their beautiful farm to us! We couldn't have asked for a better place to call home for the last 4 month!

Dutta Corp and Gelissen Horse transport for keeping our horses safe during their travels. I couldn't have asked for a smoother travel for my special boy!

Betsy Juliano for always being so supportive and such an amazing person! Our equestrian community is lucky to have you! I feel so blessed to have you as a friend!

The River Grove Family for taking care of my other two ponies while I was in Europe! Thank you for your sacrifice.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, all my sponsors!!!

Trilogy Performance Saddlery: Thank you for making a beautiful product and standing by it! Debbie Witty made a special trip to Europe to make sure Dublet's saddle was perfect! Now that is dedication and loyalty!

EquiOtic (Tm): Dublet loves his probiotic! Keeps his gut happy! Happy horse = Happy rider!

Equine Omega Complete: Dublet's coat and overall health has never been better! Thank you for being such a great supporter!

Summit Nutrition

Sam Shield USA

Triple Crown Feed

Roeckl Gloves: Love your gloves!

Barbara at Horse and Rider Boutique: You have been there since day one and have always believed! You carry THE BEST CLOTHES & ACCESSORIES!