US Equestrian Pathway Program Team Challenge at Live Oak Intermational

Wednesday, February 27, 2019
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US Equestrian Pathway Program Team Challenge in conjunction with the US Equestrian Developing Athlete Program and Elite Athlete Program for Combined Driving, overseen by the Driving Sport Committee

Event: Live Oak International | March 6-10, 2019 in Ocala, FL

The purpose of the US Equestrian Pathway Program Team Challenge (“Team Challenge”) is to offer USEF Pathway Program athletes or team *applicants the experience and benefits of competing with a team at a home competition. Competing as part of a team requires time management for team meetings and events, creates camaraderie, develops understanding of how team results are calculated, and encourages mentorships between team members that leads to improved results.

*Team challenges in NO way determine team selection for FEI Driving World Championships. Please refer to the official Selection Procedures regarding selection trials and team selection.

General Guidelines

Each team of six is comprised of the following:

  • 1 FEI Four-in-hand entry
  • 1 FEI Pair entry
  • 1 FEI Single Horse entry
  • 1 FEI Single Pony entry
  • 2 Intermediate entries (varying classes)

Each team will have a Chef d’Equipe acting as team manager to help coordinate the following:

  1. Arrivals / Departures to & from the event
  2. Communicating with the Show Office &/or Stable Manager
  3. Team meetings before each competition phase, to review the facility’s rules, athlete schedules, competition plans, etc.
  4. Team course walks
  5. General team support
  6. Coordination for Awards and with Press, as needed


Team Scoring is pulled from each athlete’s individual results. At an FEI Driving World Championship (with teams of 3), the team results include the top 2 scores from each phase, leaving one dropped score. For our purposes, with teams of 6 athletes, the team results will be calculated as follows:

  • Each team will use the top 2 FEI results per phase (any class), and the top 1 Intermediate result per phase. The results of the remaining 3 athletes will not be used for the team results (a “drop score”), unless a team member does not complete the competition.
  • Athletes must complete the competition in order to use their results in any phase (i.e. if an athlete is eliminated or withdraws, NONE of their results can be used towards the team score).