US Combined Driving Gets Some Clarification on Rulebook

Thursday, January 11, 2018
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Prelim/Intermediate CDE Drivers, hopefully the information below will help calm your concerns. It appears that the USEF rule book may need some clarification on the Prelim/Int. additions; this is to be expected when adding new divisions to an existing rule book.

Please feel free to contact Danielle Aamodt or an Event Organizer with questions. - Do not worry, when the rule book is not clear, the Technical Delegate will make determinations at an Event & will always consider the Competitors situation.

From the 2018 USEF rule book, DC chapters:
- Regarding Carriage Dimensions (DC 922.3) "For Intermediate and Preliminary levels, no minimum width is required"
- Regarding Carriage Weights, these rules will be under review this year. (922.4.2) "The President of the Ground Jury will decide whether all, or a random selection, of Carriages will be weighed after Marathon." Until we can determine what to do with this rule, Organizers/POJs will not likely require carriages to be weighed.
- Regarding compulsory gates in Obstacles (945.4.1) "...marked A up to F" does not necessarily require that all divisions use all those gates. This can be clarified with a re-write in the future. The CD will always note in course maps which gates are to be used by which divisions.

Remember, our Course Designers have always been creating USEF Advanced courses with ADS Prelim/Intermediate in mind. I expect the level of difficulty will remain the same at USEF Prelim/Intermediate.