Uproar Over Newly Accepted Progressive List, "Bute" Allowed in Horses

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The newly accepted Progressive List has sent shock waves through many national federations at the FEI General Assembly in Copenhagen last week. All national federations, which voted to accept the list, are now realizing the consequences of their own vote and are awestruck. Frank Kemperman, FEI Dressage Committee chairman and CHIO Aachen show director said, "in an attempt to improve the situation, it went completely insane. They now have allowed limits of a certain substance that can make a lame horse go sound. This has never been the intention." Germany voted against the Progressive List. German NF secretary-general Sönke Lauterbach called it "a disaster" and said "it is a clear step backwards on our way to a clean equestrian sport. The Progressive List does not answer to our image of healthy, unmanipulated horses in competition."

The Progressive List has also brought about a legal cul-de-sac. "In countries such as Germany, Sweden and France the now allowed substances are prohibited by law. We can't even accept those substances at our shows, even if we want to," said Kemperman.

Previously the FEI carried out a no-tolerance policy. "It is good we went into the other direction. There was a list at hand which would allow these substances under certain conditions. Only some inexplicable things have been added to it at the last moment," Kemperman clarified. "What we now have is unacceptable."

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