Upgrading DressageDaily and Horsedaily Servers

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The good news is our websites have hit record breaking traffic in the past few months, and it was busy before. Up to 8,000 daily individual visitors are coming to DressageDaily and HorsesDaily these days. We have up to four people on our staff working on the websites at a time, and we needed to upgrade our servers to handle it. The bad news is that we have been experiencing intermittent service since Friday, but it looks like we are rocking now (I hope). It also means we have lots of work, articles, horsemarket ads and photos to get caught up on today. Why couldn't it have been yesterday when it rained, and not today the first 70 degree day in Kentucky! Thanks to Skye our programmer and all my friends on Facebook who were sympathetic to my frustration.