Upate!! Kyra Kyrklund Coming to New England in November as Part of NEDA Fall Symposium

Wednesday, November 2, 2011
Posted by Lynndee Kemmet


Kyra Kyrklund and the Lusitano Rico (Photo: Kevin Sparrow)
Kyra Kyrklund and the Lusitano Rico (Photo: Kevin Sparrow)
Important Update! - Even though many of the event organizers and volunteers have been without power, and there was a lot of snow in the Amherst area, the Fall Weekend Symposium with Kyra will go on as planned this weekend November 4th and 5th! The Clarion has power, as does Hadley Farm, and Kyra is on her way here as you read this. *Important for those of you coming to the event, we have a NEW, parking lot, closer to the farm for you to utilize. For those of you with GPS, the address for parking is 100 Venture Way, Lot 3, Hadley, MA. If you've pre-registered, you can pick your packet up at the registration desk. If you didn't pre-register, you can still come. Just show up and pay at the door.Please also take note of the bus schedule. There will be one large bus making the 1-mile trip between parking and the farm.

Kyra Kyrklund, one of the world’s most successful dressage trainers and competitors, will be headlining this year’s New England Dressage Association Fall Symposium. The event will be held November 5-6 (Saturday and Sunday) at the University of Massachusetts’ Hadley Farm in Hadley. Almost 70 riders applied for the unique opportunity to work with Kyrklund, who has trained more than a dozen horses to international Grand Prix success. In a private session, held on the Friday before the event, Kyrklund herself will choose approximately nine riders out of the 16 semi-finalists who will serve as her demonstration riders during the weekend symposium. Kyrklund is considered one the world’s best, not only as a trainer, but also as a competitor and teacher. She was Finnish National Champion 10 times and has competed in every type of major international equestrian event, including six Olympic Games and four World Equestrian Games. She is also the current head of the International Dressage Judges and Trainers Club. Kyrklund operated her own training stable in Finland from 1976 to 1991, after which she moved to Sweden to become head trainer at the prestigious Flyinge stud.

She remained there until 1998 when she moved to the United Kingdom, where she is still based today. Along the way, she has trained many horses and coached numerous dressage riders and teams to international success.

Kyrklund’s own competitive successes started early and began in the jumping world when she was a young girl growing up in her native Finland. Her talent in multiple equestrian disciplines was evident as early at 1969 when her she competed in three different disciplines in the Finnish junior championships that year with her first horse, Kasper. She won the dressage competition, was second in eventing and fourth in jumping.

Kyra Kyrklund (Photo: Carole MacDonald)
Kyra Kyrklund (Photo: Carole MacDonald)
With the decision to make a career of riding and training, Kyrklund left Finland in the early part of her career to spend time in both Sweden and Germany where she studied those systems of riding. She eventually developed her own training system that combines the core elements of the German and Swedish systems with her own unique, techniques. The system has been applied to many different horse and rider combinations with great success.
Kyrklund’s system starts with a focus on the quality of the gaits, which is seen as a reflection of the basic training. Her initial evaluation of a horse asks if the horse forward, straight and submissive in a relaxed way. Riders are evaluated for their effect on the horse and their correct way of sitting and influencing the horse.

It is this approach that riders and auditors will have the unique opportunity of seeing first-hand during this year’s NEDA Fall Symposium. The symposium will involve horses of all levels and sessions will focus not only on training techniques but also on rider position and "seat work”. In order to demonstrate certain points to the auditors, don’t be surprised to see Kyrklund riding herself. She promises to bring along her boots and hard hat!

Cost of auditing the symposium is only $65 per day or $125 for both days for NEDA members. Junior and Young Rider NEDA members can audit for as little as $30 per day or $50 for both. The auditing cost for non-NEDA members is $95 per day for adults and $50 per day for Junior and Young Riders. Lower registration prices end 10/15. Pay after 10/15 or at the door also possible.

For more information and to register online visit the NEDA website at