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Wednesday, October 6, 2010
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Through Spanish Eyes - 2010 World

Following the distribution of the recent article and website posting entitled "Night to be Remembered", the mailbox of USPRE has been flooded with positive comments, questions and many special requests. This follow up will attempt to respond to all the questions.

Equestrian Games arena announcer, Brian O’Conner made reference to Juan Manuel Munoz Diaz as the “Showman” after his musical freestyle performance. While to a novice, the Munoz ride may have, on the surface, appeared flamboyant, it was, in fact, riddled with symbolism, esprit the corps and good old fashion Spanish tradition.

In brief, the one handed Tempis was in tribute Ignacio Rambla & Evento that performed them in the same manner in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Passaging down the center line moving the right arm was an encouragement to the audience to “come & dance with us” was in honor of Rafael Soto & Invasor. Raising the hat after the final salut is typical of the Spanish bullfighters. Juan Manuel Munoz pointed to the horse as he exited the arena was to bring attention and credit to Fuego... a gesture of humility and finally Jose Antonio Mena on his knees in front of a Spanish flag hailing Munoz was a combined demonstration of fellowship and patriotism. Munoz imposed the highest of test complexities on himself - Bravo!



Dressage Judges

The 2010 WEG dressage week commenced on Monday, September 27th, 2010 with fervent judging controversy as the difference between several international judges scores, over the course of the first day, reached as high as ten (10 %) percentage points and ended on Friday night at the Dressage Freestyle with raucous spectator Booing that could be heard heard as far as Madrid - Within hours the sounds of audience disapproval was broadcast to every computer around the world. The tables were now completely turned - professionals and equestrian enthusiasts were feverishly watching various recordings of the evening rides and judging the Judges!




2010 World Equestrian Games

Musical Freestyle - “The entire Lexington Horse Park stadium rose to its feet and erupted with exhilaration & cheers following an awe-inspiring performance by Juan Manuel Munoz Diaz and Fuego XII. Once the scores were announced the cheers instantly turned to boos that could be heard as far as
Madrid as the spectators deemed the pair seriously shortchanged by the Judges.”


Fuego XII & Juan Manuel Munoz Dias

Born on February 12, 1998, Fuego XII was bred by D. Joaquin Marquez Gonzalez and is owned by D. Miguel Angel Cardenas Osuna . The Sire is Utrerano VII and Dam Mundana II. Fuego has, to date, sired fifty-four (54) offspring and stands at stud at Yeguada Cardenas outside Seville.
Fuego XII and his sire are both Qualified Stallions. Juan Manuel Munoz Diaz is based in Seville and is presently considered one of the most accomplished riders of PRE horses.



Norte & Jose Antonio Garcia Mena

Born January 7th 2000, Norte was bred and is owned by Miguel & Enrique Lovera. The Sire is Cortesano VII and Dam Iluminada VII. Norte has to date, sired nineteen (19) offspring and stands at stud at Yeguada Lovera near Cordova. Norte and his Dam are Qualified horses. Jose Antonio Garcia Mena is based in Jerez de la Frontiera and is seen as the dressage rising star throughout Spain. Owner D. Miguel Lovera and Rider, Jose Antonio did not expect to qualify this young horse for the second day but have high expectations for the next Olympics in London.




Gnidium & Dr. Rafael Ortiz

Born January 29, 1995, Gnidium was bred by Hermanos Comacho Benitez and is owned by Antonio Ruiz Fernandez. The Sire is Perdiguero I and the Dam Dafne. Gnidium has, to date, sired eighty-two (82) offspring and is a Qualified stallion. Gnidium performed as expected. Two time National Dressage Champion, Rafael Ortiz is a Veterinarian, Clinician, Judge and accomplished Grand Prix Rider. Early in his career, Gnidium was also trained by Rafael Soto







Fuego XII warms up with Moorlands Totilas

As soon as the 2010 WEG opening ceremonies kick started there was great excitement at the opportunity to see the renowned Totilas perform. As the competitions rolled out, two noteworthy anecdotes would mark the 2010 Equestrian Games in Lexington, Kentucky in the dressage arena - At the last World Equestrian Games and Beijing Olympics when spectators and enthusiasts made reference to a riding pair, they would name the Rider (Oh, I saw Anky !). These games were marked by the opposite. Spectators when asked, cited the name of the horse and could not remember the Rider (Did you see Fuego?). The second memorable anectdote was that early in the week, spectators and enthusiasts called Fuego the “White Totilas”. By the time Friday night rolled around and at the end of the Musical Freestyle, we heard Totilas being called the “Black Fuego”!


Belgian Rider/Trainer based in Germany, Jan Bemelmans has been the Spanish National Dressage Trainer for nearly twelve years. He has seen these riders and horses mature over the last several years and has refined their natural skills. The most noticeable overall improvement being Juan Manuel Munoz Diaz and Fuego. It was also obvious when being amongst the Spanish riders that everyone has great hopes for Jose Antonio Garcia Mena & Norte in the next Olympics to be held in London in the summer of 2012. And, Thank you Jan, our boys are starting to speak English!

1996 Athens Olympic Dressage Silver Medalist, Rafael Soto kept a watchful eye and was on hand at all times to assist Coach Jan Bemelmans and support the Spanish dressage team. The presence of Rafael Soto in Lexington gave respect to the Spanish riders and bolstered the
already high team spirit. We are pleased to see that “Rafa” (as he known to his friends) is still involved on a national level. What next? National Coach?

Alejandro Barreras Garcia-Reboredo from Spain and U.S.based Delegate for North America, Alexander Zilo represented the Spanish National Breeders Association, ANCCE while Dr.Arancha Rodriguez represented, LG-ANCCE, the PRE Stud Book. Alejandro Barreras was recently invited to join the ANCCE team efforts to implement the plans of ANCCE President, Javier Conde to be more active in the sports horse domain. Alejandro Barreras’ tenure as the General Manager of the Sunshine Tour in Montemedio for the past 20 years makes him uniquely qualified for the job.


The “A” word has nearly vanished

USPRE is pleased to report that by week’s end the WEG Announcer, Brian O’Connor and the press were referring to our breed as the Pure Spanish Horse or PRE and not by the other “A” word more commonly used for oil, mountain olives and baroque architecture. The Spanish Dressage Team Clinics. All the members of the Spanish Dressage team and Rafael Soto are available for clinics outside of Spain. USPRE has already booked multi talented Dr. Rafael Ortiz for clinics in the first half of 2011.

Cardenas Auction

The traditional annual auction engulfed in typical tapas and paella that takes place at Yeguada Cardenas on the Monday following SICAB will not take place this year owing to the wonderful fact that D. Miguel Angel Cardenas Asuna has already sold every auction prospect. Fuego fans and enthusiasts seeking to own a Fuego offspring will now need to now wait until next year or contact Caballos Cardenas directly (see www.caballoscardenas.com)

Spain Takes Individual Endurance Gold

Although not on a PRE horse, we salut Maria Mercedes Alvarez Ponton & Nobby for riding to 2010 WEG Gold just seven weeks after giving birth to a daughter, Maria. She crossed the finish line in 7:35:44 hours!

USPREA Board & Staff Attendance at the 2010 Equestrian Games

The USPRE Board was represented in Lexington by Kimberly Van Kampen Boyer, Janne Rumbough, Kelly Farmer, Marc Ulanowski, Alexander Zilo as well as Executive Director, Joan Mack.