The United States Dressage Owes A Lot Of Gratitude To Jeff and Shereen Fuqua and Collecting Gaits Farm

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Jeff and Shereen Fuqua generous sponsors for US Dressage
Jeff and Shereen Fuqua generous sponsors for US Dressage
American Dressage owes its progress to generous and selfless supporters of our sport, and in fact we cannot function without donors like the Fuquas who never refuse to help us out, whether in good times or bad. Lots of people own and operate beautiful farms, but only the very few go beyond their own ambitions to be part of the big picture and risk their own investment of time, energy and financial input on a game that is ever changing. It tales a lot of faith in and love for the sport to give selflessly year after year, and the dressage community of the United States owe a lot of gratitude to Jeff, Shereen and their Collecting Gaits Farm.

Anne Gribbons, Dressage Technical Advisor , USEF
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