United States Dressage Federation Best Practices: Considerations for Dressage Competitions

Thursday, July 30, 2020
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In addition to the COVID-19 materials that are posted on the USEF website, Coronavirus Disease Resources and Updates, we have created the following Best Practices information to help facilitate any licensed (Level 1-3) or schooling show navigate through our ‘new normal’ times. Please keep in mind that this is a fluid document that will be updated as needed.

Competition Management will need to utilize the COVID-19 Best Practices that will work for their specific competition. Some general considerations have been outlined here, to help facilitate this. In all cases, social distancing and face coverings cannot be repeated often enough. Please be reminded that for recognized competitions, USEF requires a facemask or face covering for all staff, officials, volunteers, service providers and participants in any setting where there is a possibility of being within six feet of any other individual and when not mounted on a horse. It is important to check the face mask or face covering requirements for the type of competition you are attending as requirements may differ. It is recommended that competition management discuss their intended procedures with their officials and their staff in order to arrive at the most equitable arrangements for all.

We encourage competition managements to use this list as a guide in formulating their own best practices. Familiarize yourself with the USEF Presidential Modifications (Pres Mods) that have been put in place at this time to General Rules and Dressage Rules. Note what each of these rules cover and the ‘new normal’ conditions that they create. Please be aware that these are very fluid, and some components may be changed at any time. It is a Best Practice to review these before any competition. 

Read all of the current guidelines HERE - SUBJECT TO CHANGE (Revised 7/24/20 - most recent changes in red)