Understanding Specified Perils Coverage

Monday, August 23, 2021
Posted by Tracey Scharf



As I sit here this evening watching the lightning and listening to the thunder of another one of our Florida storms it got me thinking about Specified Perils Insurance. I have had 2 friends, and a friend of a friend lose 3 horses and a breeding bull due to lightning strikes over the past 2 weeks. Did you know that Florida is the "Lightning Capital" of the United States? Now obviously we all don't live in FL, however, lightning happens everywhere. Now if your horse is already insured and the worst was to happen, then you are already covered if your horses were struck by lightning. BUT.....there are 100's of thousands of horse owners that do not insure their horse(s), whether for financial reasons, or they just don't want to deal with an Insurance company, or their horse doesn't fall within the health guidelines for Insurance, etc. That is the great thing about Specified Perils Insurance, none of those things matter. If the horse is 25 years old or under you are eligible for this coverage, and no vet exam is required.

Aging is a natural process however our horses and ponies are now generally living longer and longer. Regular veterinary care, in addition to good feeding, management, farrier care, and dentistry, means our much-loved horses can maintain an excellent quality of life well into there 30’s. Whether your senior horse is still full of enthusiasm for his job or whether he’s enjoying retirement in the field, did you know that we will insure your horse through the age of 25?

Specified Perils
Also known as "Named Perils" or "Restricted Perils"; this covers your horse for death, theft or humane destruction caused by specified perils listed in the policy, including but not limited to; fire and lightning, earthquakes, electrocution, drowning, transit risks and attack by wild animals. It is important to note that this policy does not cover your horse for death due to illness or disease, and it thus offered at a lower price than full or all risk insurance. This coverage is offered on all horses from 24 hours to 25 years of age and no health documents are required to purchase this insurance.

Check out more about Specified Perils and other coverage available here.

Great News - You Can Now Apply Online: Message from Mary

Markel Insurance

Announcement! My page with Mary Phelps - Markel Specialty now has the ability to apply for Horse Mortality online. I have been through the process, and it works great. It is easy to follow and doesn't take that long. Depending on the detail in the application, it can bring you all that way through to payment.

What surprises me when talking to horse owners in my travels, is they think horse insurance is expensive. But depending on the usage Equine Insurance protection is reasonable. Depending on the state you are in, you will also get automatic reimbursement for colic surgery up to $5,000, just by having a mortality policy.

The best part of this application process is it is a great way to gather the info needed to get you a quote fast and easily. Either I or my longtime right-hand woman, Tracey Scharf will personally get back to you pronto.

This online application is brand new, so please send me a message to to let me know you went through the form. You can also contact our office at 1-800-572-3286. Tracey Scharf is also available We have been a team for over 20 years, and are very proud of the care and service we provide. 

We do Farm, Liability, and Farrier coverage as well,. We are just a quick call, or email away. 

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