Understanding How Four-Hand-Horses Reins are Managed with Bram Chardon

Saturday, July 28, 2018
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Watch the video - Bram Chardon 4-in-hand Reins part 1

Watch the Video - Bram Chardon 4-in-hand Reinsmanship part 1

To help spectators as well as drivers learning the skills of four in hand driving, Bram Chardon has created a video to explain the intracacies of handling the reins - also known as lines of four horses.

After this 2 part explanation watch Bram in action in his winning World Cup Round, and see how he does it.

Watch the Video - Bram Chardon 4-in-hand Reinsmanship part 2

Watch the Video - Bram Chardon 4-in-hand Reinsmanship part 2

Four-in-Hand drivers handle the lines in the smooth turns of dressage to the rapid fire movements required in marathon and cones.

Chardon discusses the "wheelers" which are the rear horses in a team, and the "leaders" who are in front. 

Bram Chardon World Cup Winning Round

Watch the Video and watch his hands - Bram Chardon World Cup Winning Round

About Combined Driving
The FEI World Equestrian Games 2018 Tryon Septemebr 11-23 is just around the corner. Horse lovers will be exposed to eight disciplines in equestrian sport . During the second week the exciting and regal sport of Four-in-Hand Driving will take place. Regal, because the sport was introduced into the FEI by non-other than Great Britian's Queen Elizabeth's husband Prince Philip (then FEI president), in 1970.

Modeled after Eventing/Combined Training horse(s) and drivers perform 3 phases. Dressage and Cones in what's know as a Presentation Vehicle, and the exciting Marathon - executing up to 8 obstacles on cross country terrain in through up to 6 gates in each obstacle at top speed.

The sport of combined driving has their own World Championships for each combination of horse. Single, Pair, and Four-In-Hand (also known as Teams). The Pony Driving World Championships features all three.

In the FEI World Equestrian Games held every four years only the Four-In-Hands are featured.