Ulla Salzgeber to Relocate to Gestüt Obere Mühle

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Herzrufs erbeGerman Olympic silver medallist Ulla Salzgeber is saying farewell to her old stable in Bad Worishofen and is relocating to Gestüt Obere Mühle, owned by the Gnadl Family and located in Blonhofen, Germany, a stone's throw away from Bad Worishofen. The new stable has more modern facilities and is currently in the process of building a new indoor and new stabling block. Salzgeber aims to make her move to the new facility in the autumn of 2010. At her original home there were only 16 stalls which were not enough for Salzgeber's endeavours.
Salzgeber is leaving Bad Wörishofen for several reasons including the ending of her contract with the original stable. Obere Mühle will be much more up to Salzgeber's standard of a high performance barn. "They have a big therapy center with all kinds of natural treatments," she told Eurodressage. "This is actually the main job of Thomas Gnadl." The facility has an aquatrainer and they have experts at work in accupuncture, ostheopathy, homeopathics as well as therapy with leeches. "There are big outdoor arenas, paddocks and gras fields and the area to hack the horses is more than beautiful."

Herzrufs erbeSalzgeber's in-house rider Frank Freund will be following Ulla to her new destination. Freund will be renting a block of stables at Obere Mühle and Ulla will be renting her needed boxes in that block from Freund. "We have been co-operating for 8 years now and it works very well," Salzgeber admitted.

In 2009 Ulla Salzgeber was a big contender for the German team for the 2009 European Dressage Championships in Windsor, but her star horse Herzruf's Erbe injured himself at the CDIO Aachen. Salzgeber told Eurodressage that she will be making her comeback with the chestnut gelding at the 2010 CDI Bremen on 5 - 7 March.

"Every day after riding, Herzruf's Erbe goes to Obere Mühle for aqua training," Salzgeber explained. By relocating to the new facility, Ulla hopes to be able to teach more and give more clinics. "I also want to concentrate more on competition horses and showing," she said.