Two Wins Svetlata Kiseliova in Nearly Finished Olympic Center Minsk

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

After a break of two years, the World Cup™ event Dressage came back to Ratomka, the  Olympic Center for equestrian sport near Minsk, Belarus. The competition was held in a very sportive and friendly atmosphere, with strong engagement of the Belarus FN and Center Ratomka.  Since many years the complex of Center Ratomka is under reconstruction. The infrastructure now has been developed to the dimensions of a modern training centre allowing all athletes in the three Olympic disciplines dressage, jumping and eventing to prepare themselves in professional circumstances for Olympic Games. Until now the Government of Belarus invested 20 millions of USD in the development of the Center.  Last year the economic crisis caused a pause in definitely finalising the Center. Now finalisation has been postponed to the end of this year or the beginning of next year.

Not only top sports is taking care of in Ratomka. A school prepares about 500 children for equestrian services, teaching general knowledge and learning horse riding. The best of the students will grow out to top sport athletes. Among others the trainers in this school are known riders like Svetlana Schevchik or Irina Zukova.

In the CDI –W riders from 3 nations only participated: UKR, BLR and RUS. After nice riding the winner was Svetlana Kiseliova on her 12 years old Parish, bred in the Ukraïne. Wojteck Markowski says: “Especially the passage, the two tempi changes and the extended trot were very nice!”.

Iryna Lis representing the host country became the runner up. “She demonstrated a fluent performance with a nice passage and very good pirouettes”, Markowski continues. On Sunday as expected Iryna Lis became the winner of the Grand Prix Special, while Svetlana Kiseliova won the Freestyle to music. Her performance was much better compared to the Grand Prix test. Svetlan Yewchik and Aleksander Kovschov gave strong competition, however as said again the best was Svetlana Kiseliova.

The CDI-W this year was combined with tests for Juniors and Young Riders in the CDIJ YR as well. In the junior class beside competitors from Russia and Ukraine 15 juniors took part from Belarus. In both classes judges noticed some good riders and nice horses. “Especially the riding of K.Varchenia was appreciated by the ground Jury!”, Polish judge Wojteck Markowski said.

Special thanks to one of the judges Wojteck Markowski providing nice comments and back ground information on Ratomka and the show.

Iryna Lis became the winner of the Grand Prix Special partnering Redford II Picture Library: Berni Saunders