For Two-Time North America Cup Winner Casie Coleman, Omega Alpha Products Are a Staple for Harness Racing Success

Friday, July 1, 2016
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Casie Coleman, two-time harness racing  million North America Cup winner, relies on Omega Alpha products to keep her horses in top form

Casie Coleman, two-time harness racing $1 million North America Cup winner, relies on Omega Alpha products to keep her horses in top form (Photo: Omega Alpha)

Toronto, Ontario — When Betting Line crossed the finish line at the $1 million Pepsi North America Cup in Campbellville, Ontario earlier this month, matching the Canadian record of 1:47.4, his trainer Casie Coleman was ecstatic. “My immediate thought was ‘mission accomplished!’” said the renowned harness racing trainer, now the first female trainer to win the North America Cup twice. “It doesn’t get much better than winning a million dollar race on your own turf — what a sweet feeling!”

Coleman, who was born and raised in the harness racing business and has been a horsewoman for her entire life, purchased the top-ranked three-year-old colt (Bettors Delight x Heathers Western) as a yearling in November of 2014. “I’ve had Betting Line since he was a baby, and I have been the only one to ever train him,” she said. “There are a lot of things to love about him — his gate, his speed, his desire to win, and his lung and breathing capability, to name a few.”

To keep Betting Line in top shape, Coleman treats him with all-natural equine health supplements from Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals, Inc. She has sworn by Omega Alpha products since she began training horses 16 years ago. “Betting Line is on Hemex and RegenerEQ every day, and every three months he gets the liver and kidney flush treatment from Omega Alpha,” she explained.

Omega Alpha’s Liver Flush is a blend of liver-cleansing and liver-regenerating herbs that optimizes liver secretions and supports liver vitality. The herbal formulation of Kidney Flush acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, diuretic, and source of important nutrients, increasing blood flow to the kidneys and cleansing them of harmful toxins. Coleman administers these treatments periodically to all of the horses that she is training — currently, 20 horses at her home base in Canada and four in her New Jersey barn. “Everyone gets Liver Flush and Kidney Flush every three months, and the horses who need it also get RegenerEQ,” she said. RegenerEQ promotes long-lasting gastro-intestinal health in the equine athlete, and is extremely beneficial for horses that are stressed from travel, competition, new surroundings, or new feed.

Because the cardiovascular health of Coleman’s high-performance horses is of utmost priority, the product she has come to rely on the most is Omega Alpha’s Hemex. This innovative supplement uses natural ingredients to encourage an increase in the production of red blood cells. It works by supplementing bone marrow with ingredients used in red blood cell construction, while also simulating increased hemoglobin formation. “Every horse gets Hemex, no matter what,” she said. “It really helps them to keep their blood count up and keeps them performing well. The most horses I’ve had at one time was 130, and they were all on Hemex.”

Patti Hanco, Director of Business Development for the equine division of Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals, said that Omega Alpha is proud to play such an integral role in maintaining the health and performance of Coleman’s horses. “Casie has been a customer of ours for over a decade. As a trainer, she has won almost every big race there is in Standardbred racing,” said Hanco. “There are very few female trainers in the sport of harness racing that have achieved the success that Casie has.”

Coleman didn’t take long to bask in her $1 million North America Cup victory before jumping back to work, as she has a barn full of horses itching for the win. She plans to continue competing in stakes races through November. “In about the middle of November, I will take all of the new yearlings I bought this summer to Florida, and I will train them in Wellington,” she explained. “I’ll head back north at the end of April to early May, and do it all again!”

Omega Alpha looks forward to being a part of Coleman’s continued success this season and beyond. Located in Toronto, Canada, Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals has been a leader in equine health products and supplements for well over 20 years. The company develops natural equine products through research-based science. To learn more about Omega Alpha’s range of quality health products and how they can help you improve and maintain your horses’ readiness for competition, visit, or call 1-800-651-3172.