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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


USEF National Dressage Champion Katherine Bateson was thrilled to hear she can get her Gumbits from DressageDaily! “I have been hoarding these must have treats for my horses, in fear I could not find them somewhere. My horses love this product, and I use it daily in my training. I am so glad you are carrying them, on line and at the shows!” Thank you DressageDaily. And now you can order Gumbits from the new! All Natural Gumbits

A sweet tasting treat Gumbits promotes the salivation process, helping to eliminate teeth grinding which often can occur during the intense training of high performance sport horses. GumBits are made of all natural FDA approved ingredients and is safe and palatable.

* Promotes chewing activity
* Encourages submission
* Activates salivation
* Eliminates teeth grinding
* All natural ingredients


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