Triple Crown for Para Reiner Fred Win at 2018 All American Quarter Horse Congress

Thursday, November 1, 2018
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Fred Win’s win streak extends as 2018 Dechra USEF/USA Reining Para Reining National Champion

Fred Win’s win streak extends as 2018 Dechra USEF/USA Reining Para Reining National Champion.

Fred Win is riding high after topping a competitive field at the 2018 Dechra USEF/USA Reining Para Reining Championship for the third straight year, though he admits it’s getting tougher to stay on the top rung. His score of 214 took the blue in Grade 4 and overall high point for the national title.

“I really have to stay on top of my training and even have to push beyond my training to risk myself to win now.” He says unlike few years back, having penalties or not having plus 1/2 on almost each maneuver will knock you out of contention.

His mare, Friday Night Sailing, aka "Stella" is a fairly recent purchase from Bob Santagata and Santa Hill Ranch. “We are still learning about each other, but when I asked, she gave me her maximum. This is my best ride with her since I bought her.”

Win has gone from rough and ready to polished performances over the last several years and credits the guidance from his trainer Dean Brown (member of Canadian Reining WEG Team) and for matching him with "Stella" and enabling his success.

Win is a true American immigrant success story. When he emigrated from Burma (now Myanmar), he made his own way through hard work, learning English and putting himself through law school. He also brought with him his deep passion for horses.

Born with his right foot attached below his hip, due to his mother being prescribed Thalidomide during pregnancy never stopped Win from riding as a young boy. He loved speed and jumping and mastered trick riding in his native Burma.

Building his law practice in New Jersey, he had put horses aside but when para reining was introduced, he jumped at the chance to ride and compete again. Win also likes to lead by example for his own children and others, that limitations equal motivation.

Holly Jacobson, from MA, on Shiney Juice are 2018 Dechra USEF/USA Reining Para Reserve National Champion.

Holly Jacobson, from MA, on Shiney Juice are 2018 Dechra USEF/USA Reining Para Reserve National Champion.

“To me, para reining today is a very challenging sport,” he says. “I am so proud of how para reining has grown and become accepted. The amount of support and cheering from the audience sounded like thunder in the arena!”

For Dean Brown, coaching a para rider in itself hasn’t been a big deal. “We may have to come up with different ideas or come at problems from a different angle but all in all, I teach Freddie the same as everyone else. The hardest part is keeping him under control and focused.“
Brown says Win’s big personality and overdrive can be a challenge at times, but that his client’s enthusiasm, determination and willingness to learn stand out. “He’s not afraid to put in the time in the saddle in order to accomplish his goals,” he says.

Brown is gratified that Win is now appreciating the finesse and the control that goes with reining not just the speed aspect. “Getting control of his need for speed and adding smoothness and finesse have been our major hurdle. But I can now say in the future, I defiantly see Freddie expanding his goals and being a very tough Non-Pro to beat.”
As to that innate feel from Win’s lifelong passion for horses, Brown has noticed that connection.

“I also must say that whatever horse in the past three years that we have chosen to be his show horse, he does have a special bond with his horses, more so than I have seen with other riders. His horses are very in tune to him and they trust him.”

Holly Jacobson riding Shiney Juice earned the Grade 3 Champion and overall Reserve National Champion with a score of 210.5. She purchased the Smart Like Juice palomino from Shawn Flarida exactly one year ago at Congress, so it was an exciting anniversary marker.

“I’m so impressed with the quality of riding and horses showing now but a really special part of para is the support among riders helping each other with everything from equipment, advice, friendship and support.” She says it’s about building awareness and a supportive network.

Anne Dunnam, from Ocala, FL, placed third in the 2018 Dechra USEF/USA Reining Para Reining National Championship.

Anne Dunnam, from Ocala, FL, placed third in the 2018 Dechra USEF/USA Reining Para Reining National Championship.

“Everybody has a unique story coming in but we all love riding,” she said. Jacobson was severely burned in a car fire, losing her right arm above the elbow and all the fingers on her left hand.

Coming from dressage, she’s had to learn a whole new discipline but says her special horse and the enthusiastic support of Tom and Jennifer Hoyt of Hoyt Training in NY, make it incredibly worthwhile.

“Dechra stepping up as the title sponsor is a huge boost and USEF partnering with USA Para Reining is great recognition. I feel so privileged to ride here at Congress,” she says.

Jennifer Flanagan, from TN, rode her Chromed Out Swagwagon to the Grade 2 Championship with a 208.5 and finished fourth overall. Mindy Davis, from AR, took the Grade 3 Reserve Champion and fifth place nationally with her gelding Outlaw Whiz.

As the title sponsor, Dechra Veterinary Products Marketing Manager Shelly Derks says it felt like a natural fit for their products with para reining.

“Osphos has been a game changer for so many horses. It has brought horses that were crippled with Navicular and given them a show life again. I feel the same way about the Para Reining events. It gives riders the chance to get in the show ring again and do what they love!”
Dechra put up $5000 in prize monies, USEF donated winner chairs and coolers, along with wonderful prizes from Congress Sponsors.Tinseltown Flash, Ruoff Dietter Reining Horses, Rick Clark, Shawn Flarida Reining Horses and A/S Trail Equipment & Services there.


2018 Dechra USEF/USA Reining Para Reining Championship Results:
Fred Win/Friday Night Sailing 214
Holly Jacobson/ Shiney Juice 210.5
Anne Dunnam/Whizzin 209
Jennifer Flanagan/Chromed Out Swagwagon 208.5
Mindy Davis/Outlaw Whiz 207
Alexis Mann/Stepin Up 204.5
Beth Kelley/ Czgunnacashbigchex 202
Louis Zamboli/Magnum Moonstone 199
Cole Jacobs/Pinstripe Benz E

Grade 4  
Fred Win/Friday Night Sailing
Anne Dunnam/Whizzin
Alexis Mann/Stepin Up
Elizabeth Kelley Czgunnacashbigchex
Louis Magnum Moonstone

Grade 3
Holly Jacobson Shiney Juice
Mindy Davis Outlaw Whiz
Cole Jacobs Pinstripe Benz

Grade 2
Jennifer Flanagan/Chromed Out Swagwagon

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