Triple Crown® Honors Holly Orlando and Waverly aka “Poppy” With Excellence Award During WEF Week 4

Saturday, March 2, 2019
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Holly Orlando and Waverly aka “Poppy”, winner of the Triple Crown Excellence Award and Pre Green 3’ Championship at WEF Week 4.jpg

Triple Crown Nutrition is excited to continue to recognize the top high-performance riders who have gathered in Wellington, Florida for the 2019 Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF). One of those exceptional equestrians is Holly Orlando, who after only knowing her horse Waverly, aka “Poppy,” for two weeks, won the Pre Green 3’ Championship during Week Four of this prestigious series.

With Orlando guiding Poppy through the course, the pair jumped their way to a high score of 89 on the first day, and followed it up with an 88 on the second day to clinch the Championship title. Orlando explained that she and trainer, Jenny Dunion, and their other partner, Mimi Malton, had owned Poppy for only two weeks before they decided to make the mare’s debut at WEF. “It was really important for us to not start showing right away,” she said. “We wanted to first make sure she was healthy, shiny, fat and happy, and then we decided to debut her in Week Four.”

Poppy is a coming six-year-old who Orlando describes as a very naturally talented horse. “She’s a very, very good jumper,” Orlando said. “She’s a good mover and a good lead changer. She’s everything you could possibly ask for. We just needed to spend a little time getting to know her, and just figuring out the buttons a little bit.”

Their championship performance during week four also earned the pair the Triple Crown Excellence Award. This prestigious prize is given to a horse and rider team that demonstrates exemplary achievement within the equestrian community, as well as showing exceptional health and fitness. Orlando and Dunion operate as Evermore, Inc., and currently have 14 horses at WEF. Evermore is based in Wellington during the winter months, Bedford, New York during the spring and fall, and The Hamptons in the summer. After Poppy’s successful debut, they are excited to make a plan to move this champion mare up through the ranks.

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