A Trip to the Antique Street Market

Monday, June 29, 2009

Today we went to the largest antique market in Europe in the medieval town of Tongeren. We walked and walked, and saw many amazing things. Antiques in Europe mean really old stuff, and there was so much to look at but we didn’t buy anything. There were lots of WWII memorabilia, furniture, ancient pottery, lighting and so much more. Of course we notice many displays of riding equipment, boots, and top hats.

It was a pleasant easy way to spend a quiet Sunday, and then as we always do, spent the afternoon working on the websites. Astrid translated an interview with Isabell Werth which was on German Television. In the footage of her she looked so sad, and was very honest and open in the interview. I managed several articles and posted [#25323 override="Raf and Astrid’s property in our real estate section. " title="Raf and Astrid’s property in our real estate section. "]

Tomorrow we take the train to Paris for a day trip!