Trilogy Saddle Takes Part In Debbie McDonald Clinic with Scott and Susanne Hassler at Riveredge Farm

Friday, January 14, 2011
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Dressage rider Debbie McDonald, who not only represented the United States in the Olympics but became the first American to win a World Cup Championship, utilized her years of expertise recently when she taught a clinic with Scott and Susanne Hassler at Riveredge Farm in Chesapeake City, Maryland. Trilogy Saddles, who proudly claim McDonald and the Hassler’s as Trilogy Ambassadors, was also on hand at the clinic. “The Debbie McDonald Clinic was a great opportunity for auditors and riders to experience Debbie’s teaching style and the level of knowledge and detail that she brings to her clinics. Debbie is committed to the rider every step of the way and she reads the horse and clearly anticipates what is needed,” said Debbie Witty, President of Trilogy Saddles, adding that Trilogy and McDonald have had a long and fruitful partnership which includes Trilogy developing a line of Debbie McDonald Dressage Saddles.

“Scott and Susanne hosted Debbie at the freshly completed Riveredge facility, which is amazing for the horses and stunning to tour. Riders and auditors could not help but be inspired by the magnificent surroundings,” Witty said. “This was a high energy and inspiring gathering for the auditors and riders at this unbelievable facility surrounded by the teachings of someone that so clearly connects to the horse and rider through the training process.”

While McDonald taught the clinic, Susanne Hassler participated as a rider on Riveredge’s stallion Davidoff. “Susanne did an amazing job because she also served as a wonderful hostess,” Witty said. “Throughout the clinic Scott added additional insight and observations as to Debbie’s constructive technique of taking each horse and rider through their ride. It was very clear that the Hassler’s and Debbie were on the same page with their training strategies and philosophies.”

During McDonald’s clinic, Trilogy had the opportunity to set up a booth and give riders and auditors the chance to sit in Trilogy Saddles and receive educational information about Trilogy’s design strategies. “It was wonderful being able to introduce new people to our Trilogy Saddles, and, of course, it was wonderful to spend time with some of my favorite people, Debbie, Scott and Susanne, who are all big supporters of Trilogy,” Witty said. “Trilogy strongly believes in education, so the clinic was right up our alley. Debbie, Scott and Susanne have made Trilogy proud, including the fact that Debbie serves as the USEF Developing Dressage Coach and Scott as the USEF Young Dressage Horse Coach. Education is important to all of us so we make a great team.”

While Trilogy strongly supports the education of the horse and rider, they also stress the importance of proper saddle fit. Witty, a qualified saddle fitter from the Society of Master Saddlers of England, developed her line of Trilogy Saddles after recognizing that there was a need in the market place for a saddle line that addresses more of the horse and riders needs.

Trilogy offers three dressage saddles: The Debbie McDonald, the Amadeo and the Verago. The Debbie McDonald Dressage Saddle series gives riders two choices: The Debbie McDonald features a flatter, more open seat, narrower seat and straighter leg. The Debbie Special is designed specifically for the petite rider. Trilogy also offers The Amadeo Dressage Saddle, the choice of riders who favor a more moderate depth of seat and twist with a generous seat bone position. The Verago Dressage Saddle is for the rider who prefers a deep seat with a narrow twist and a well-supported seat bone area.

To learn more about Trilogy Saddles, visit their website at www.trilogysaddles.com.