Trilogy Dressage Saddles Launches NEW User Friendly and Educational Website

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Trilogy Saddles recently launched a new website that offers riders useful information on everything from saddle fitting to the strategy of saddle design. Trilogy Dressage Saddles is well known for making exquisite saddles built by the most experienced craftsmen in the world – saddles that are ridden in by top riders in the dressage world. “Our mission statement at Trilogy is that we are dedicated to achieving a greater level of performance and awareness for horse and rider through education, service and design,” said Debbie Witty, President of Trilogy Dressage Saddles and Performance Saddlery. “Our new website falls nicely into our mission statement and horse enthusiasts visiting the site will be able to receive a wonderful education on saddles, their craftsmanship and how to properly fit a saddle.”
The new website features a video of Witty and Shannon Dueck, a Trilogy Ambassador and top international dressage rider, describing the seven points of saddle fitting using Dueck’s Oldenburg mare, Ayscha, as a model. “The video is currently on the Dressage Today website, and it is also available on our new website,” Witty said. “In addition, the website features photos and a complete description on how to fit a saddle properly.”

The educational link on the website also teaches about the placement of the saddle on the horses back, tree width of saddles, balance and stability of saddles. “Good performance in all disciplines and all levels, is dependent on good saddle fit. A talented horse and rider will never achieve their full potential if the saddle is pinching, or causing pressure points,” Witty said. “The new website gives in-depth information on saddle fitting, as well as the Trilogy saddles we build.”

The website also offers Trilogy news, upcoming events, a featured rider or trainer article, locations of Trilogy fitters and dealers, testimonials, a list of used saddles for sale, a complete description of all Trilogy saddles and a tip of the month. A biography on each Trilogy Ambassador is also featured on the new website.

Witty is proud of the accomplishments of her Trilogy Ambassadors, and feels that riding in a Trilogy saddle has benefited each of them. Olympian Debbie McDonald, who found great success with the Hanoverian mare Brentina, has been a long-time partner with Trilogy. Witty and McDonald’s strong bond is described in McDonald’s ambassador biography, including the fact that Witty developed a line of saddles for McDonald, called the Debbie McDonald Dressage Saddle.

“I really believe that everyone who visits our new website will find something of value, whether it’s reading about one of our ambassadors or learning how to properly fit a saddle,” Witty said. “It has been extremely rewarding to have the opportunity to build and provide horses and their riders with a saddle that generates more comfort, makes the rider more effective and enhances the team’s performance. Over the years I have helped top riders such as Debbie McDonald, Shannon Peters, Adrienne Lyle, Scott and Susanne Hassler, Courtney King-Dye, George Williams and Guenter Seidel with their saddle needs, and I look forward to helping many more riders in the future.”

To visit Trilogy Dressage Saddles new website, go to www.trilogysaddles.com.