Trilogy Dressage Saddles 2011 Best Seat Award Begins at the Gold Coast Opener Dressage Festival CDI

Friday, January 21, 2011
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Trilogy Dressage Saddles Congratulates Their 2010 “Best Seat” Award Winners
USET Team Rider Catherine Bateson Chandler one of the many winners of the 2010 Trilogy Dressage Saddle Best Seat Awards. See who else  won.....
USET Team Rider Catherine Bateson Chandler one of the many winners of the 2010 Trilogy Dressage Saddle Best Seat Awards. See who else won.....

As the 2011 Dressage Season has launched into the new year the competition season has begun in preparation for the busy winter season with multiple shows in multiple regions and a record number of CDI Competitions.Competitors will be vying for the popular Trilogy Dressage Saddle “Best Seat Award” presented by Trilogy Saddle President Debbie Witty. “We had a great year in 2010 with our “Best Seat” Award talent scouts selecting multiple deserving winners,” said Witty. “And we are looking forward to the busy season in Florida where we will have four CDI competitions to present our award.” Debbie Witty has continued to invest in her presence in south Florida recently purchasing a home in Wellington to be closer to her clientelle in the winter months.

So sit deep and tall because the Trilogy Best Seat Award selectors will be watching you. be sure to stop by the Trilogy Test to meet Debbie Witty and learn more about this award and her personal saddle services.


The Trilogy “Best Seat” award is presented to the rider that best fits the following three criteria: effective secure seat; well-fitting saddle that enhances performance for horse and rider; and overall appearance on the horse. “It is always exciting to present the ‘Best Seat’ award and it is even more exciting to see how happy and grateful the winning riders are,” Witty said, adding that Trilogy looks forward to continuing to present the “Best Seat” award throughout the winter show circuit.

Witty, a qualified saddle fitter from the Society of Master Saddlers of England developed her line of Trilogy Saddles after recognizing that there was a need in the market place for a saddle line that addresses more of the horse and riders needs. “It is extremely rewarding to have the opportunity to build and provide horses and their riders with a saddle that generates more comfort, makes the rider more effective and enhances the team’s performance,” Witty said. “Over the years I have helped top riders such as Debbie McDonald, Shannon Peters, Jeremy Steinberg, Courtney King-Dye, George Williams and Guenter Seidel with their saddle needs and it has been a very rewarding experience.”

For more information on Trilogy Saddles visit their website at www.trilogysaddles.com.

Mikala Munter Gundersen
Thanks to her effective and secure seat, the Danish dressage rider drew the attention of the Trilogy selection committee and was presented with the “Best Seat” award. “This is a big thing for me to win the Trilogy Best Seat award,” Gundersen said. “I appreciate it very much and I want to say a big ‘Thank You’ to Trilogy.

Catherine Bateson Chandler
Bateson-Chandler gave credit to Olympian Robert Dover, who she rode with for 16 years, for helping her develop her award-winning seat. “I am extremely happy to win the Trilogy ‘Best Seat’ award because having a good seat is the ultimate in dressage,” Bateson-Chandler said. “It’s an honor to win it and I will have to give the credit for my good seat to Robert.”
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Meghan Kavanah
Kavanah, who is also a trainer, took home the prestigious Trilogy Saddle “Best Seat” Award aboard her own mare Raz-Ma-Taz, a seven-year-old GOV mare out of Rodioso. “I was thrilled and astounded to win the ‘Best Seat’ Award,” Kavanah said. “Throughout the show I saw many beautiful riders who could have won the award, so I am truly honored and grateful to not only have received the award, but also the beautiful quarter sheet that accompanied it.”
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Justin Hardin
Hardin and Wyatt Star, a seven-year-old Dutch Warmblood owned by Judy Cardella, captured the attention of the Trilogy selection committee to win the “Best Seat” award and take home a beautiful Trilogy quarter sheet.
“I was really flattered to win the Trilogy Best Seat Award,” Hardin said. “I work on my seat every time I get in the saddle and it was nice to be recognized for something that every rider works so hard at.”
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Christopher Schruefer
Schruefer and De Facto, a six-year-old gelding owned by Martha Singh, captured the attention of the Trilogy selection committee to win the “Best Seat” award and take home a beautiful Trilogy cooler. “It was quite an honor to win the Trilogy Best Seat Award,” Schruefer said, adding that he attributes his great seat to lots of practice and hard work. “I really work hard at my position and following the horse. I know there were over 200 horses at the show so being selected was wonderful.”
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Jill Irving
Canada’s Jill Irving celebrated Valentine’s Day in style – winning the Trilogy Dressage Saddle “Best Seat” award and a beautiful bouquet of roses from Trilogy President Debbie Witty. “Out of the hundreds of riders at the Spring Challenge CDI, the Trilogy Best Seat selection committee felt that Jill stood out from the crowd,” said Witty. “Not only did Jill look beautiful in the saddle, but Delvaux was comfortable and happy and had an excellent connection to Jill.”
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