Trilogy’s Debbie Witty Hosts Saddle Fitting Demonstration At Rebecca Rigdon Dressage Symposium

Tuesday, July 13, 2010
Posted by Elizabeth

Olathe, KS – Debbie Witty, the owner and President of Trilogy Saddles and Performance Saddlery, recently shared her expertise on saddle fitting at Rebecca Rigdon’s Dressage Symposium in Kansas. Witty, a qualified fitter from the Society of Master Saddlers of England, not only spoke to the clinicians but also reflocked 12 saddles during the clinic.

“I’ve been working with Debbie for over 10 years and she did an excellent job during her lecture at our symposium,” said Rigdon, a USEF ‘r’ dressage judge and USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medalist. “Debbie brought a great deal of education to the Kansas City area during her lecture on proper saddle fitting and the problems you can have when your saddle doesn’t fit correctly. I believe in proper saddle fit and wish that Debbie could travel the country educating all riders and trainers about proper saddle fit. Our sport would benefit greatly from her knowledge.”

Rigdon, who originates from Kansas but now lives in San Diego, California, trains with Steffen and Shannon Peters. “We held a five-day symposium with several lecturers. I was happy that Debbie was able to speak at the symposium. Even if you have a fantastic saddle for the horse and rider, it would mean nothing without well-educated, attentive, personable, saddle fitters. Trilogy's customer service is first class,” Rigdon said.

Witty was pleased to take part in the symposium and said she takes every opportunity she can to educate riders on how a saddle should properly fit. As an expert on saddle fitting, Witty is often called upon to share her knowledge. Witty features a video on the Trilogy website that shows Witty, and international dressage rider Shannon Dueck, discussing the seven points of saddle fitting using Dueck’s Oldenburg mare, Ayscha, as a model. “I think it’s very important to educate dressage riders about saddles and proper fitting. If a rider has concerns about how their saddle fits they should contact a professional saddle fitter,” Witty said. “Good performance in all disciplines and all levels is dependent on good saddle fit. A talented horse and rider will never achieve their full potential if the saddle is creating discomfort or causing pressure points.”

Known as a saddle fitter to top riders, Witty fitted saddles for Debbie McDonald, Courtney King-Dye and Guenter Seidel during their Olympic expeditions. “Over the years I have helped top riders such as Debbie McDonald, Shannon Peters, Adrienne Lyle, Scott and Susanne Hassler, Courtney King-Dye, George Williams and Guenter Seidel with their saddle needs, and I look forward to helping many more riders in the future,” she said. “I certainly enjoyed taking part in Rebecca’s Dressage Symposium in Kansas and feel like I left everyone there with a better understanding of how a saddle should properly fit.”