A Tribute for Father's Day

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Today I honor my Dad, Dr. MD Phelps Jr. who gave me my first camera, encouraged my dreams, was my first mentor, and the first man I ever loved. He was the first member of our family to embrace the internet in 1995, and encouraged his children to e-mail so we could stay connected, which in fact helped us all grow closer as we shared our lives and our love for each other. I joined him in his obsession with computers, cameras, late night work sessions, and all the internet has to offer. It was through the schedule on our website my family was able to find me, at a dressage show, March 7th, 1999 the day he passed away. In spite of our busy lives we made the time to spend together, an easy effort because we just enjoyed his company.

Thank you Dad for giving me the wonderful life I enjoy today. You are not really gone as I feel your presence in all that I do, and much of what I am today. And now you have Mom with you. I know it wasn't easy letting her stay around for us after you left. I miss you Daddy, Happy Father's Day. You will always be my inspiration.