Tremendous Show at Hagen While Hagen Meets Italy

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Last year the CDI at Hof Kasselmann in Hagen a.T.W. in Germany reached new visitor records with 54.000, an incredible amount. At that time made Ullrich Kasselmann already dream from another special item for the 2009-edition. It was found in Italy. Beautiful Italian voices made the atmosphere very special, while sport was at its best. British Laura Bechtolsheimer won both the Grand Prix and the Special while German Heike Kemmer just like last year in Hagen was the best in the Freestyle to music and the Grand Prix for the Freestyle.

The German championship for professional riders last year was won by Bianca Kasselmann. This year Hartwig Burfeind was the new winner after having won the special test with the proof of the pudding: riding the other two horses of the other two bests colleagues Johannes Augustin and Sonja Bolz. The horse Cockney received the highest score. Find the result [#25539 override="here" title="here"].

Eye-witness Report from Enzo Truppa

The Italian O-judge Vincenzo Truppa judged comfortably in Hagen, while one week ago he sat at home being replaced in Las Vegas by reserve-judge Mexican Maribel Alonso de Quinzanos due to problems with his flight. He explains about his situation. The flight had to make an emergency landing in Shannon (Ireland) because of urgent need to have “a member of the crew” recovered in an hospital. When safely landed thanks to the abilities of the second pilot it became known to every passenger that this member of the crew happened to be the captain pilot himself!  Enzo Truppa comments: “Since I was travelling in business class, while visiting the toilet I realized that the captain was lying on the floor with an oxygen mask!!! It’s hard to describe my feelings at that moment and the rest…The crew was so nervous and they asked me to sit down and not to refer to what I had just seen…Anyway we landed successfully thanks to the ability of the second pilot, but we could not restart because they were expecting the new pilots from Italy only the day after. So I decided to get in touch with the Las Vegas organizers and we agreed that I would fly back to Italy because there was no point in spending additional money to take a new flight from New York to Las Vegas with the Grand Prix already over!

Fortunately the pilot was operated and is now ok…”

“To be very frank, of course I was disappointed about missing the final in Las Vegas, but on the other hand it was not the first final I would have had to judge. If I remember well, I have already been judging 3 or 4 WC™ Finals. And  I was quite confident that my replacement, Maribel Alonso, would do well. As I think which has been the case.

On a personal basis I like to add that there should be no doubt that to rescue a human being takes top priority on everything. Therefore my disappointment lasted only a very little moment, being myself in fact focused, like all the other passengers, on the final positive outcome of the Captain. Fortunately in fact it was, thanks to the decision to divert the flight!”

The video’s of winning rides in Hagen

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Photo: Heike Kemmer and Bonaparte Picture archive Ken Braddick