Traurig Gets Her Patch

Thursday, July 27, 2000

Joining the USET dressage team veterans, is the newest member to get the coveted USET patch, the emblem all riders with Olympic aspirations covets. When a rider represents The United States in competition they are given the embroidered patch for their jacket.

While her coat got soaked in the pouring rain in Arnhem, Traurig did not mind a bit. "I like competing in the rain." Traurig told Dressage Daily, after her ride. "I find it makes horses become rounder, and more up."

Traurig and Etienne should be a strong member for America at the Olympic Games, as they continue to improve each time they compete. During the recent European trials in Arnhem and Bad Honnef, many international riders were heard commenting on the quality and impressiveness this duo had.

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