Training Tip Tuesday - Launches Revolutionary Online Coaching Service For Riders and Trainers

Tuesday, February 5, 2013



With's new online coaching, access to expert training assistance is never more than a few clicks away. (Photo: courtesy of Sandra Beaulieu)
With's new online coaching, access to expert training assistance is never more than a few clicks away. (Photo: courtesy of Sandra Beaulieu)
As snowbird trainers head south seeking sun and sand each winter, many dedicated riders are left behind to face not only frigid conditions, but weeks or even months without access to regular instruction. Now is able to help these riders continue their progress with the launch of a new online coaching system, allowing riders and trainers to easily stay connected and continue their instruction and training progress even if they aren't in the same arena. Riders can easily upload videos to highlighting what they've been working on with their horses, and sign up for an economical coaching session from one of an ever-growing roster of experts representing a myriad of breeds and disciplines. In addition to valuable feedback, all video reviews feature's revolutionary voiceover commentary, whereby coaches provide instruction in real time with the video.Although many websites may offer riders the opportunity to watch other horses and riders receive coaching from top trainers, is the first one to offer riders from around the world the opportunity to receive direct feedback about their own performances from renowned trainers and coaches. "This new online coaching platform from is an amazing tool to help riders all around the world," noted dressage trainer Sandra Beaulieu of Dover-Foxcroft, ME. "The voiceover commentary is easy to use and lets riders hear the tone of my voice and benefit from moment to moment instruction as opposed to a written commentary."

As an accomplished rider (USDF Silver and Bronze Medalist) and judge (USDF "L" graduate with distinction), Beaulieu travels extensively and she believes's new coaching platform will be valuable to her and her clients.  "This unique online program gives me the opportunity to help my students while I am traveling to give clinics or judge shows," she says. "I teach in New England from spring through fall, but then relocate to Florida in the winter months.  Now my students can send me videos to check on their progress or even practice their dressage test before a show, so we can easily stay in touch and connected in their training."

Trainers can also utilize this new online coaching program to reach new customers and expand their business. "This feature is also an excellent tool to attract new clients who live too far away or would like to sample my teaching style before investing in a clinic," notes Beaulieu. "The cost is reasonable and the variety of coaches is excellent as well. I highly recommend this online coaching platform to trainers and riders of all skill levels in all disciplines, and would like to thank for offering this exciting and educational program!"

There's no obligation, and it's free to get started - so why not discover a new online world of equestrian coaching, and see for yourself why this is a great way for trainers and riders to stay in touch, have easy access to expert instruction, continue training progress in between live lessons, and excel in the show ring! Find out more and watch a sample video here: