Training Tip Tuesday - DressageTrainingOnline.com Presents Daniel Martin Dockx of Espana - How to Get a Bigger Step and More Go!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013
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DressageTrainingOnline.com is very excited to bring you our newest permanently featured trainer, Daniel Martin Dockx who rides for the Spanish team. His biography and accomplishments speak for themselves but his style of training is incredibly effective and will resonate within your mind for always. Daniel works with PRE's in this clinic setting, which was generously sponsored by the USPRE Association, but the work can be applied to any breed. Dani is detailed and emphatic and as you watch his videos you will see certain themes prevail with many riders and many different horses. I like this as it as it stays in the mind of the viewer, the important points one must always remember and think about, that are consistently applicable, no matter who you are or what you ride.For those who are not yet members of DressageTrainingOnline.com, jump on board today!
• Nowhere else can you view training sessions broken into 15 minute segments, with text explaining exactly what is within that segment, so you can determine if you want to view that portion of the video.
• Nowhere else can you save your favorites for quick retrieval and review
• Nowhere else can you watch the Judge's View, where judges go back through a test they have judged, giving you the per movement scores and in depth explanation as to why they gave it that score.
• Nowhere else can members list their horses for sale for FREE!
• Nowhere else can you find such an international selection of respected trainers and judges to learn from, USA, GER, UK, NED, DEN, SWE, FRA, AUT, PORT, ESP, ISR, AUS, NZ, CAN

Hunker down and enjoy these videos while learning at the same time!