Training with Robert Dover and Tina Konyot

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Chrissa F. Hoffmann

In 2003, Chrissa Hoffmann took her Hanoverian gelding "Roberto” (Rubinstein x Baghira by Bolero) and Full Circle’s Morgan, Dancity Savoir Faire, to Florida to train with Robert Dover for the winter.

“In my opinion, Robert Dover is one of the best instructors for horse and rider. His lessons are straight forward and his ability to articulate to his students is outstanding!" remarked Chrissa. “I learned so much, not only from my lessons, but watching him ride and train. He instills confidence in both horse and rider, and that is what is so inspiring about his training." And for Robert Dover, Chrissa clearly made a good impression as well. Robert said of her that “Chrissa is a lovely person and a smart and determined rider. I wish her all the best.”

After returning with both horses from Dover’s, knowing that Florida would not be in the future for next year, she decided she needed a plan to continue her progress. Hence, Chrissa hosted clinics with Tina Konyot.

"Tina is wonderful to work with.” Chrissa commented. “She is a beautiful rider and horses love her. She helped me with my Warmbloods and the Morgans and Saddlebreds.

She especially liked Harry Callahan, the Saddlebred gelding. I learned so much just watching her ride.

Tina is mesmerizing to watch, horses carry her like they are true dance partners, and she absolutely makes it look effortless."

Training Saddlebreds in Dressage