Training With Buddy

Saturday, February 6, 2010
Posted by bossmare

Things are heating up in 2010 as the season is well underway, and Florida is the hotbed of the horse sport world. But all work and no play makes Mary a dull girl and no one can accuse me of being dull! After spending a wonderful weekend in Dade City Florida covering the inaugural Little Everglades International Driving event, I experienced what many of you go through when you are at a show and not competing. It was killing me not to be driving, and I couldn’t wait for my next lesson with “the master” Larry Poulin, eight times National Pairs Driving Champion for the USA. I wanted to see how Buddy handled the increased pace of preliminary where we can cut loose and go for time in the hazards! Do not be fooled by this little guy’s size, he loves his job. After 35 years of following everyone else around with a camera on my shoulder, I finally get a chance to have some horse (well Pony) flesh time of my own.

Combined Driving will be featured the second week of the Alltech/FEI World Equestrian Games in October this year, and spectators will get a chance to feel the magic of what it is like to have four horses negotiating three phases of competition. It’s the NASCAR discipline of equestrian sport: It takes a crew, mechanics, management and loads of equipment and detail. One missed flag, or one forgotten cone can put you out of the running. The USA will have the unprecedented privilege of having up to nine teams (if qualified) at the WEG, as the host country. Stay tuned to our Driving News Section on HorsesDaily as we focus on the teams and their efforts to get to Kentucky. Have you checked out HorsesDaily lately? We continue to tweak the design and flow, as well as add many new articles daily.

Now it's off to Welly World for the 2010 EXQUIS World Dressage Masters, see you there!