Trainers Who Have Shaped Her Career

Friday, January 28, 2011
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Caroline Roffman; Dressage Trainer, Competitor

During her career, Caroline has ridden with a handful trainers. Carin Zucherro, was her original trainer in Massachusetts, followed by Jill Weinstein, and Lynne Kimball-Davis who she credits with introducing her to “big time Dressage”.

Silke Rembacz started Caroline’s FEI Career by finding her horses including Bulgari 5 and getting her miles in the show ring guiding her through the Young Rider program and on the small tour.

Her current trainer Lars Petersen, who is “gifted in training horses like no one else”, has been working with Caroline for several years entrusting many of the horses in training as well as management responsibilities. "I started training Caroline when she was only 16 years old." Lars Petersen, Danish Olympian who resides in Wellington and owns Legacy Farms. "She already was a successful junior rider and showed serious talent not only as a rider but a true horsemen. She is extremely dedicated and I believe that she has all that is needed not only to be a top international rider but a great trainer."

“Every single trainer I have worked with I am still friends with. I never burned any bridges and they are still friends. They still watch me ride and are supportive,” she noted.

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