Tragic Barn Fire in Georgia Claims Lives of Many Horses

Wednesday, February 5, 2014
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Kristen Becker and Ramses
Kristen Becker and Ramses
We here at DressageDaily and HorsesDaily want to extend our greatest condolences to all of the owners of the 18 horses that were tragically lost due to a barn fire in Bishop, GA. Every horse was lost to the fire which was electrical in nature and started in the tack room of Brookwood Equestrian Center owned by King and Melanie Howington. Among the owners who lost horses was Young Adult Rider Kristen Becker, who lost four horses including her Brentina Cup Grand Prix horse Ramses. King Howington stated that “The fire department got there very quickly, but the whole barn was a complete loss — and 18 horses,” said King Howington, who with his wife, Melanie, own the farm. “These horses are very dear to us and the owners.”Unfortunately most of the horses were uninsured and a fundraising effort to help the owners of most of the 18 horses that perished in Friday’s devastating fire at Brookwood Equestrian Center in Bishop was started to help. It does not go toward the farm but to the individual owners that have lost everything and will now have to start again.

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