Totilas Out Of The World Equestrian Games - And Other Changes

Thursday, August 21, 2014
Posted by Dressage Direct


Matthias Alexander Rath and Totilas earlier in the year in better times. Picture by Julia Rau
Matthias Alexander Rath and Totilas earlier in the year in better times. Picture by Julia Rau
Yesterday the German Equestrian Federation announced that Totilas was not fit to compete. Today the Dutch Equestrian Federation had unfortunate news as well, involving Glock’s Undercover N.O.P. shown by Edward Gal who will be replaced by Glock’s Voice, while Kingsley Siro and Danielle Heijkoop will be replaced by reserve pair Diederik van Silfhout and the young KWPN-stallion Arlando NH N.O.P
Almost right before departure to Caen in France, Totilas knocked himself against an existing splint and had a painful reaction, the German Federation stated. Trainer Sjef Janssen said he is familiar with this type of very painful reactions from his own stables. “He didn’t even trust the leg to stand on”, he said. “It can be a matter of weeks, but also a matter of months. Too bad that this wonderful athlete now after the OG in London has to miss another highlight with his rider.”
Young talented pair Fabienne Lütkemeier and d’Agostino will replace Rath and Totilas. The 24 year old lady was in the gold medal winning team of the EC Herning last year as well.
Today after training the Dutch team vet once again examined the Dutch horses thoroughly before heading to Caen. Unfortunately Glock’s Undercover N.O.P. just like earlier in the week had a small reaction in his spinal column which affected his movements. A fysio therapist would be helpful, however the backbone was really painful. “It’s a sport injury probably caused by movements in the paddock or stable”, trainer Nicole Werner said. “We have decided for treatment to release the pain, which means no show. It will most likely be resolved in another week. Of course we feel very sorry about missing the WEG with Glock’s Undercover, however when the welfare of our horses are at stake, the decision is easily made.” Now Edward will show his alternate horse, KWPN aproved stallion Glock’s Voice.
Today Kingsley Siro N.O.P. owned by Daniëlle Heijkoop unfortunately showed an injury as well. Most likely Gribaldi-son Siro injured his own leg during the training. Alternate pair for the Dutch now is Diederik van Silfhout showing his young talented prospect Arlando NH N.O.P. “We feel badly affected”, coach Wim Ernes reacted, “however the Dutch can boost upon a lot of very capable pairs behind the first four and we are determined to give our very best!”. 
In Scandinavia, Norwegian team member Cathrine Rasmussen had to withdraw due to an injury of Fernandez. Team alternate Ellen Birgitte Farbrot and Akun Askelund will replace her.