Totilas Honored KWPN Horse of the Year, Edward Gal Ambassador

Monday, February 7, 2011
Posted by dressagedirect

Of course it was not possible not to name the incredible Totilas again as KWPN Horse of the Year 2010. Together with his amazing rider Edward Gal he has been the best ambassador for the Studbook one can ever have. He broke all records and his name is on everyone’s lips when talking about dressage. Now at the KWPN stallion show in‘s-Hertogenbosch in The Netherlands Edward Gal was honored as a KWPN ambassador himself. The breeders of Totilas, Jan and Anna Schuil again received the honors of the Nimmerdor Trophy for the breeder of the KWPN Horse of the year. It was strange to have the couple in the arena without a horse to celebrate and to reward with a blanket, while it was also strange to honor Edward as a true ambassador without Totilas.


Edward and Voice in a clinic at the KWPN Stallion Show in s-Hertogenbosch Picture Diana Bloemendal
Edward and Voice in a clinic at the KWPN Stallion Show in s-Hertogenbosch Picture Diana Bloemendal
Edward had been invited for a clinic at the KWPN stallion show and this time he brought black stallion Voice for the clinic. Voice is related to the Olympic mare Barbria that has been competed by both Tineke and Imke Bartels. The skills Edward Gal showed on Voice were truly remarkable and the audience gave him a standing ovation. “There is only one Totilas, but watch this stallion Voice now. He also is black and I will be back in the arena, I promise. Your support for the loss of Totilas is very helpful”, Edward praised the audience. Just like Totilas after having showed spectacular movements, Voice was able to relax and to be at ease immediately. It was quite amazing to witness the skills of an amazing sportsman, the best of the moment, the reigning Word Champion.

Breeders Jan and Anna Schuil went on to Vechta where they had been invited by Paul Schockemöhle for his stallion show. Matthias Rath and Totilas did a Freestyle on Music with all Grand Prix lectures. "In the beginning there was some tension, but later on he relaxed and came into the rhythm", Jan Schuil said. Jan and Anna Schuil were invited to join the arena and they handed over the Nimmerdor Trophy for the owners to Paul Schockemöhle and Ann Katrin Linsenhoff. “For us, it made our year 2010 complete by winning again the Nimmerdor Trophy and it also marks the end of the time of Edward Gal and Totilas”, Anna Schuil said. Jan Schuil explained to the German audience in Vechta that famous stallion Nimmerdor is also in the pedigree of Totilas, just like Oldenburg ancestors are in his mare-line. “Being here now makes the story round”, Jan Schuil said and handed over the Trophy to Ann Kathrinn Linsenhoff and Paul Schockemöhle.

Matthias Rath was quite happy with his first performance, although he said he needed some more time to play with the abundance of energy Totilas demonstrates at a show. “He is already very sensible in the daily riding but at a show he really knows what is going on and his sensibility is extreme. I have enjoyed this tremendously. This will help me to create a better partnership”, Matthias commented.